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You made it! I’ve been waiting for you…

If you’re…

    • A brave, courageous soul with a desire to live with more energy, meaning and love than you could ever imagine…
    • Frustrated with the current circumstances of your life, relationship or health…
    • Stuck and feel like you’re constantly pushing against the flow of life to make anything happen…

Then it’s about time we met.

I’m Davinder Ojalla

And I’m about to become the tonic your life, body and soul have been waiting for.

As a specialist in the Mind-Body connection and a the Founder of MedYoga – I’ve spent the last 20 years transforming my life, and the lives of my clients through Life Coaching, Counselling, CBT, NLP, EFT, Nutrition, intuitive thought-work, Law Of Attraction, Vibrational frequency, Medyoga, Mindfulness & Meditation.

Today I live a pretty blessed life – I do work I love and I’m truly living my purpose.

But it wasn’t always this way.

20 years ago

Whilst working as a Sales Director for a high profile blue chip company, my life started to crumble as I worked myself into complete and utter burnout.

I was “playing the game” of life in a competitive way and received promotion after promotion in high profile roles. Back then I smoked, drank, ate rich foods, loved chocolate and cakes (particularly ginger nuts…mmm).

I was compulsive, addictive, excessive, fast paced and my life was all-round hectic!

At that time, I believed I was happy with the life I had created – after all, it certainly looked like what I “should” be doing by that age – but I now call this “ignorant bliss”.

I had no idea what was going on at a deeper level. I had created a “mask”, my projection to the out side world that would keep me safe from the fears, insecurities, negative thoughts and pain that I didn’t even know were there.

I was afraid…

In truth, I was afraid that people would find out I was a “fake”, perhaps not “good enough”, “intelligent enough”, “beautiful enough” or just plain “enough”.

In reality, I was terrified of loosing the identity I had built up comprising of a job title, relationship title, income status etc and had lost myself in the pursuit of external things to fulfil my internal areas of damage.

I’d come to believe the “persona” I had created was the real me, that was of course until the cracks started to appear.

I’d lost my spark

I felt numb, dull and my body was aching & full of toxicity.

I needed to find answers and to understand what had caused this dis-connection deep within me.

So I surrendered.

I started my healing journey & embarked on an adventure that changed my reality forever.

I quit my job, and immersed myself in the work and teachings of world leaders in spirituality, nutrition and healing and worked day & night to bring my body, mind and soul back to harmony.

Through stopping & doing nothing for the first time in my life I went into a huge “Detox Reaction” which lasted for several years as I continued to learn, grow and immerse myself in experiences that showed me how and why we create the situations and cycles we so frequently experience.

I experienced every emotion that I think could possibly exist, extremes that I didn’t know were even within me, clearing toxins from the physical body as I did this.

Stillness became my muse

The more my mind learned to not step away and stay present & observe my ”self” , the stronger and less reactive my mind became.

I created a distance between my mind’s thinking and reaction, which gave me space to choose the thoughts I wished to energise.

I could then eventually hold my mind in a space of complete stillness, no fidgeting, resisting, running away, defending no matter what feeling was TEMPORARILY trying to pass through me– I just stayed put and learnt to step back and observe it instead.

Life began to change drastically…

I was changing the “root” toxins deep from within my mind.

By not reacting, I no longer used up all my energy in roads leading to nowhere and allowed life to flow as it wanted to.

I stopped creating the dramas, toxins and unwanted cycles that had plagued me for so long and by truly realising that I had control of my mind, I was becoming more & more empowered because finally, I had a choice.

All my addictions left me naturally without me trying to do anything. My energy had changed vibration. The more I transformed, the more I craved , needed & attracted like energy in foods, environments, people and situations.

The journey back home to myself was by no means an easy one. It took time, compassion and an “un-learning” of everything I thought I knew about self-care and what it really means to be alive. But boy oh boy is it worth it.

And now I want to help you do the same
Ken M

After a breakdown, I tried Davinder’s meditation course, and was encouraged to take a session of 1-2-1 counselling. This continued on a regular basis until we both felt that I had come out of the other side, better able to deal with life’s issues. Her counselling and obvious care for my well-being helped to put things into perspective for me. I still do yoga and meditation, and my best sleep is after a practise.

Ken M
Andie O

I want to thank you for a truly wonderful experience. I feel refreshed and content. You are a talented teacher and I am inspired by your philosophy I am going home with the best of memories having met an awesome bunch of women. I would love to come again if you’d have me

Andie O
Eda H

Davinder is just amazing. I had a healing session with her and attended her retreat. My healing session was very effective; with her gentle guidance, I learned how to observe my emotions and body sensations. I had an immediate shift in my being. It is very obvious that Davinder has years of experience and understanding of human body and energy system

Eda H
Let’s work together

My training and expertise include:

  • Natural Organic Raw Diets & Super Foods
  • Cleansing & Detoxing
  • Homemade Beauty Tips & Natural Beauty Care
  • Emotional Detoxing, Energy Healing
  • CBT Therapy & Counselling
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Stress Coaching & Yoga Therapy