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What’s Really Holding You Back?

What’s Really Holding You Back?…   Do you ever aspire to have it all?  The dream business, relationships, lifestyle, health, etc, but somehow you’re not creating the results you really want in ALL areas of your life?   Have you ever set a powerful intention for a new personal practice like meditation, healthy eating or […]

The Empowered Woman: The 7 Stages Of Higher Awakening

2017: The Rising Of The New Divine Feminine Image: Source 2017 is the year for the soaring of the divine feminine on planet earth. This blog post is for the female lightworker that has heard the call towards awakening her true empowered inner being. Perhaps you’re an intuitive, empath or visionary experiencing the planetary shifts, emotions & […]

The New Divine Feminine Leader & Entrepreneur

The New Divine Feminine Leader & Entrepreneur   She’s brave, courageous & really ready to go for her BIG dreams. She knows she has a unique gift/calling & she’s on a mission to make her dreams happen. She’s honest with herself about where she stands & where she’s reaching towards. She surrounds herself with like-minded […]

Are you REALLY loving yourself?

Hey Beautiful, So, how are you getting on with all this “self love” stuff? (Big gulp). Me?, love?…me?…really?…ummm…for real? I know *|FNAME|*, I know, life’s kinda busy right? Am I really asking you to spend TIME on thinking about SELF LOVE? There really is something  about this question that makes us wobble inside isn’t there?. […]

The Raisin Exercise – Mindfulness Introduction

The Raisin Exercise – Mindfulness Introduction What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a tool that re-trains the mind to allow you to increase your effectiveness in how you cope with everyday life, tough times & challenges. Mindfulness allows you to create an internal resource that is your buffer from: Stress, Anxiety, Depression Compulsive thinking, Overwhelm, Burnout […]

Crunchy Roasted ChickPeas

  Today’s Top “Naughty but Nice” Treat: Crunchy Roasted ChickPeas! I love these protein filled snacks to take to work, on road trips, parties & simply just to snack on. They can also be used to add some crunch to your salad. Yummy, crunchy and delicious! Play around with the seasoning mixture until you find […]