What’s Really Holding You Back?

What’s Really Holding You Back?…


Do you ever aspire to have it all?  The dream business, relationships, lifestyle, health, etc, but somehow you’re not creating the results you really want in ALL areas of your life?


Have you ever set a powerful intention for a new personal practice like meditation, healthy eating or yoga? Promising yourself that “this time, I’m gonna stick to it” only to find that a couple of weeks later the old habits are back & your integrity is in tatters?


Sometimes, it can feel like everyone else is achieving his or her goals in life, while you’re left struggling to figure out who you’re meant to be or what you want to do. You just can’t seem to make the leap from where you are to where you want to be.


If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are methods to identify what’s holding you back—whether it’s fear, limiting beliefs, or the unconscious mind—and then eliminate each obstacle to reach your goals.


Remember, you’re the only one who has the power to either move forward or hold yourself back.



The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind…




One of the most important ways to grow yourself is to become aware of how your subconscious mind holds you back from greatness.

90% of your actions & results in life are determined by the subconscious mind.





  • If you think you’re free of limiting beliefs, you’re kidding yourself.


  • If you think you’re going to achieve your dreams without addressing your limiting beliefs, you’re kidding yourself.


  • 10% of the results you experience in your life are determined by the conscious mind & 90% by the subconscious.


The Higher Self Code, MedYoga & The 7 Keys Meditation are highly effective practical tools that allow you to dive deep into the subconscious mind to dissolve negative, limiting & disempowering conditioning within the mind


Mastering Your Destiny is a transformational journey that allows you to remove the weeds, blocks & resistance that keep you stuck, procrastinating & sabotaging what you truly want & desire in life.


According to Dean Grazioli, the top two things holding people back from their true potential are:

  • Their Own Fear
  • Other People’s Negativity

Whether this is true or not, the root for both of these is what we are telling ourselves! The root is within our own mind and to what extent we are either allowing our greatness to flow through us or sabotaging it.


Sabotaging ourselves is a block within the subconscious mind. If you would like to identify & expose your top Saboteurs, which is the first step to intercepting & weakening them click on the link below:


I insist all my private clients take the following test from positive intelligence. Positive Intelligence Quotient is the percentage of time your mind is serving you as opposed to sabotaging you. Your PQ indicates how much mastery you have over your own mind.


Click On Link At Bottom Of Post To Discover Your Top Saboteur


5 Things That Make All The Difference…


1). Having a coach & someone to guide you to get you in the game, for deep immersion, focus, clarity. To wake you up, give you the on-going support & training, keep you motivated, empowered & inspired in the right direction.


2). Having the latest, greatest & newest tactical tools, steps & strategies that give you an easy step by step system to get you from where you are now to where you really want to be.


3). Allowing yourself to feel comfortable with fear – stopping you from expanding & going to your next level.


4). Taking full responsibility: Stop blaming others & making excuses: these are often driven by fear, insecurity, or complacency and can really hold you back.


5). Mastering the mind: Transforming limiting thoughts & beliefs: which can be influenced by a condition, event or circumstance in your past that make you feel powerless, stuck or blocked hindering your progress in life.


“Fear never goes away which is why you need the tools, support & inspiration to keep moving through. When you feel fear, know you’re on the bridge!”


In the comments below I want to know –


Have you ever had an overwhelming fear and overcome it?

What exactly did you do?

What subconscious beliefs do you think may be getting in the way of your success today?

How can this process help you right now?

As always, live naturally, be true to yourself & honour your soul

I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say on this topic as it’s a really important one!

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Your Potential Is Your Gift ToThe World

Your Potential Is Your Gift To The World


A Message For A Female Light Worker & Yogi-Preneur


The New Divine Feminine Leader & Entrepreneur.

I believe you have a unique gift & a unique seed of potential within you.


You have a purpose & calling and because of it you can step into your true power & value to make a massive impact in this world.


You can take control of your own destiny, transform your ideas, life, health, business & relationships & be who you were born to be so that you can live a life you truly love.




  • Your life story matters, you matter & through your life lessons you can discover your most valuable gifts & contribution to the world.


  • No matter what life conditions have been passed down to you by your ancestor’s, parents, society, genetics etc..it can be transformed & changed. I know this from experience.


  • You were born to remember your connection to something far greater than just yourself so that you can make a massive difference in this world.


Unfortunately, so many of us have been taught to live from fear & doubt rather than love & trust. We also often fear our own power & magnificence or simply don’t know how to change or where to start.


I’ve so been there myself and know what it’s like to live with stress, anxiety & overwhelm, living somebody else’s life, not believing in myself & too afraid to go for my big dreams in case I failed, got rejected or wasn’t good enough.


I want you to know…


You’re not flawed, there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re already enough & all you need to do now is step up, let yourself be seen for who you truly are & believe.


You can be, have & do more than you have ever imagined possible.


When you embrace your vulnerability, true emotions & free yourself from the mind you discover your true authentic power & step into the greatest version of yourself.


There’s nothing more powerful than a soul that is free of the mind.


Your soul chose this particular life experience & time so that you can be a part of this extra ordinary time on the planet to raise the consciousness and know the beauty of your soul, which has been hidden from you for far too long.


This is an opportunity like no other…


You may have heard that deep inner call urging you to step up; be visible, heard & take back your full power.

You may already be feeling that longing for truth, authenticity, connection & community.

You may already have been going through deep inner transformations & breaking through the illusions of life which caused pain, separation & dis-connection.

You may already have a vision for a project, mission or business that will make a positive impact on this world.


You’re a powerful energy. 


You may be a seed just awakening, you may be a seed that is experiencing the growing pains, you may be a seed that is ready to flourish & grow her wings…wherever you are get ready to soar!


I believe all people should know their true power & true value.



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Coaching & Mentoring For Female Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Healers & Light workers That Are Ready To Break Through The Invisible Barriers To Living An Enriched, Abundant & Joyful Life Doing What They Love.

Make An Impact On The World.

The Empowered Woman: The 7 Stages Of Higher Awakening

2017: The Rising Of The New Divine Feminine

Image: Source

2017 is the year for the soaring of the divine feminine on planet earth.
This blog post is for the female lightworker that has heard the call towards awakening her true empowered inner being.

Perhaps you’re an intuitive, empath or visionary experiencing the planetary shifts, emotions & turbulent waves of re-birth?


Perhaps you’ve been experiencing the deeper depths of pain & suffering that often engulf the physical body when the earth’s “shadow” moves into the light of consciousness?



Perhaps you’re feeling anxious, numb or unfulfilled with your life, relationships & career, lacking a deeper meaning, purpose & greater vision?


Do you recognise this?


You’re not alone…


The powerful divine female energy is highly sensitive to the vibrational shifts occurring on Mother Earth right now.

#1: Awareness Of Separation


When you & your world are being broken down, pulled apart & torn to pieces, remember you’re being called… to “awaken” so that you may allow the fragmented parts that have split from higher consciousness to return to the source, be put back together & merge into the completeness you really are.
The world needs you whole so that you can step into your Higher Self, share your gifts with the world & make a massive difference to uplifting humanity.

Awareness of separation is painful & bloody hard!…but the struggle will make you.

#2 Remembering Who You Really Are

Mother Earth is speaking to you & urging you to listen as these emotions you are feeling are her cries. You’re not separate. You are one & you are always connected.
You are loved more than you could imagine! Source adores you, your inner being adores you…the mind has separated you from this truth.

Remember who you really are: You are love.

“You are what you love & not what loves you” Kyle Cease


#3 Embracing Your Emotions

Your system comprises of the 5 elements through which you are created into physical form.
Your emotions are simply one or many of the 5 elements occurring through as thought vibrations of your human being’s consciousness or lack of consciousness.
Embrace your emotions, feel them fully & allow them space to move through your being without resistance as they are your part of your GPS system bringing into awareness your current thoughts, beliefs & conditioning.
Allow a re-birth to come from deep within you through the silence of your communication with Mother Earth & Consciousness as you journey home towards re-connection & potential.

Allowing your emotions to be seen felt & freed will cease any old momentum of out dated beliefs, allowing your true state to emerge & arise from within you naturally.

#4 Taking Back Your Power


You are a 3 part being made up of: Mind, Body & Soul.  This is a manifestation of energy allowing you the tools through which you may come to know the TRUTH of who you really are.
When all 3 are connected, the divine expresses itself through you as unlimited potential. You might prefer to call this inspiration, ideas or creativity.
The “being” has split & separated, loosing the power of the heart energy to the driving force of the mind energy. This has resulted in creation of ego, fear & lack through a striving for control & power.

Power, true authentic power resides within the heart, not the mind.


Your potential can only be achieved through the wisdom of pain & suffering that call the seeker to question the cause.

The answers & soul-utions can only be found through the courageous intention of consciously making the journey back home to the heart from the head.


#5 Transcendence Of The Mind


You’re not the mind, nor your body nor your emotions.
You’re a soul…a speck of consciousness. Through dis-identification of the mind the light worker is able to dissolve negative emotions, behaviours & conditioning that have been holding them back from their Higher Self/ True Self’s greater potential in all areas of life.
Meditation is the tool through which we allow the old momentum of negative mental programming to slow down enough for us to re-route the neurological pathways to new creation.
There is nothing for you to do. Simply creating space is sufficient to let go of the old momentum & polluted stream of thoughts to allowing new thoughts to arise from a clear stream.
This is known as transformation & the purpose of your soul’s journey on the Earth school towards the creation of the “New Earth” & a life of joy.

A sign of awakening is FEELING in a much deeper & profound way than you have ever allowed before.



#6 The Mask, The Lower Self & The Higher Self


Through the journey & inner work you will meet: The Lower Self, The Mask & The Higher Self.
At times you’ll feel you’re out at sea as you bounce around in turbulent waves of emotions from despair, grief, rage, pain, sadness etc to love, passion, ecstasy, joy etc.
NO YOU DO NOT HAVE BI-POLAR!!! – There is no such thing!
You’re simply a sensitive & deeply spiritual being that is being called to remember your true call, power & master riding these waves.
Through riding the waves you master your life. The bigger the wave you can surf, the greater the transformation, the more profound impact you make on the world. You were born for this challenge.
2016 illuminated this intensely for many lightworkers who are being prepared to lead others over the next cycle.

There will be many hands reaching out for help as the veil of illusion comes down even further bringing more of the shadow into awareness.

The shadow: the lower self & sometimes referred to as the inner child is buried in the subconscious mind. As you step into your calling & potential it will surface.
The minds primary function is survival so will do anything to protect these parts from the illusion of fear.
As you move deeper into your transformation you will meet “FEAR”. Meet it head on, embrace it and know you are now on the bridge to your new world.
A tip to remember, no matter what the mind tells you…

You Are Enough…There Is Nothing Wrong With You.

 #7 Deeper Connection

The new leaders on the Earth over the next phase of evolution are emerging to take life to it’s next level in all areas: business, health, relationships & community for greater connection.
You chose to be born into a female body at this particular time on the planet to experience the female shadow: the part of the feminine energy that has split from the divine source.

The split originated from our ancestors & our many past lives: pain, suffering & suppression from the incarnations we took in all its different forms: mother, healer, carer, witch, courtesan, lover, wife etc etc…


The new divine feminine is awakening to her shadow self where attempts to take her power back through masculinity, control & manipulation of her power, beauty, love, femininity etc are causing separation, pain & suffering as well as the opposite: powerlessness, playing it small & denying your power.

There is a collapse of the mask of the false empowered woman which is leading women to find their TRUE power in a new way, no longer through the old pattern of denying the feminine, over exaggerating the feminine or over compensating with the masculine.

The call is to return home to the heart. This is where the divine feminine resides but for a long time has not felt safe here to be fully seen, heard & claim the full power that resides here.


Yet when we open to the intention of allowing our hearts to be our home, we journey from the mind & transform all our negative beliefs, thoughts & behaviours that have held us back from authentically loving ourselves, other women & the men in our world.


An empowered woman is a woman that has healed, forgiven & transformed all her past wounds with men and sees all through the eyes of source. She understands love is the answer & uses heart energy in all masculine endeavours/ business/success etc. She exudes a perfect balance of male/female presence.

She longs for sisterhood, connection & a return to community.

You may be a seed just awakening, you may be a seed that is experiencing the growing pains, you may be a seed that is ready to flourish & grow her wings.

Wherever you are on your journey, you’re not alone.


I believe all women should know their true power & true value,


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Final Note

This year will continue to see a speeding up of the consciousness of the planet & women becoming the leaders of the new paradigm in all areas of life & business.


The new energy is a calling for women to step into being visible, being heard & embracing the heart energy so that they can lead their tribes.


For those that have been working closely with me over the last few years we have seen huge shifts & transformations in our mindset, body & emotions aligning us with a deeper sense of purpose, mission & desire to contribute our gifts to the world.


Many of you may have been actively working on transforming old beliefs that have kept you stuck, blocked & playing small and can now see a clearer vision ahead of your new destiny.


You’re being called to embrace a new paradigm shift & move into the “New Earth” as multi-dimensional beings.

 Get ready to embrace your wings.


I hope you enjoyed my post & I would love to here from you. Have you heard the call?

Post your comments below & connect.

Love Davinder


Are You A Lightworker?


Are you a light worker?…

A light worker is a soul that’s internally driven to create positive impact within the world & their own life but understand it first starts with themselves.


They understand their thoughts, emotions & behaviours are the seed through which they are affecting the world & creating their own life results & success.


A light worker is an “up-lifter” & a creative force for others through which their own business or personal life can operate with the greatest consciousness, integrity & highest values.



  • Light workers are very often rebels, the leaders & the vehicle through which the new paradigm towards world peace, abundance, freedom & enlightenment can enfold.


  • It’s the extraordinary quality that heals, inspires & transforms life to a new level of understanding of what is possible as they discover & breakthrough to new potentials.


  • Great light workers are courageous individuals diving into the storms, challenges & struggles as they continue to make things happen, maximise resources & inspire.


  • They are honest with themselves about where they stand and where they are reaching towards.


  • They’re keen to look ahead, create a vision & move towards their dreams in order to create a new model of reality for the world and themselves.


  • Great light workers see things as they are, not worse than they are.


  • They are fuelled with a passion for self mastery, enlightenment & empowerment to allow them to take necessary risks to help others break through to the next level so that they can stand up & be the leader they were born to be.


  • They are fully committed to mastering the tools, exercises & strategies that will allow the natural enfolding of their highest potential through the Mind, Body & Soul connection.


  • They do not get stuck in the problems, but stand on the periphery, attuned, yet far enough to see the “soul-utions”


  • Great light workers have a far greater vision than most, influencing others as they build momentum towards community, service & connection.


They’ve heard the calling & nothing is going to stop them from making their BIG dreams come true.

(Anthony Robbins Inspired)

Is This You? It Would Be Great To Hear From You & I Welcome You To My Community!




The New Divine Feminine Leader & Entrepreneur

The New Divine Feminine Leader & Entrepreneur


She’s brave, courageous & really ready to go for her BIG dreams.

She knows she has a unique gift/calling & she’s on a mission to make her dreams happen.

She’s honest with herself about where she stands & where she’s reaching towards.

She surrounds herself with like-minded people who want to transform their business, health, relationships & life to their full potential.

She knows she was born to make a difference & positive impact within the world & her own life.

She’s willing to dive into her fears, master the steering wheel & rebel to create new paths for all.


She stays positive even when times are hard, seeing things as they really are & never worse than they are.

She doesn’t get stuck in the problems, she stands on the periphery, attuned, yet far enough to see the “soul-utions”.

She’s an empowering force, an up-lifter for others & nothing is going to stop her from making her dreams come true.

Is This You?

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A platform for female light workers who strive to turn their gifts into a successful business & live an enriched life doing what they love…earning a great income & making a difference to the world.

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Are you REALLY loving yourself?

Hey Beautiful,

So, how are you getting on with all this “self love” stuff? (Big gulp).

Me?, love?…me?…really?…ummm…for real?

I know *|FNAME|*, I know, life’s kinda busy right?

Am I really asking you to spend TIME on thinking about SELF LOVE?
There really is something  about this question that makes us wobble inside isn’t there?.

It’s really not unusual when I ask this question, I see grown adults suddenly freeze, grimace & look like they’ve just been caught with their hands in the sweetie jar. It makes me giggle!.

I so know that feeling!!!. I too am guilty of it. I am the self love guru yet many a time when I really look a little deeper, closer, more attentively its yukky…!.

Sometimes, I simply am just not very kind to little ole me. But thats okay too, as I have come to learn thats what the journey of life is all about – growing from where we are now.

“Success is not about where you are now, but the journey you have travelled to be where you are right now”.

This is where the beauty of transformation comes in as you CAN change the “I am not good enough, beautiful enough, thin enough, intelligent enough, confident enough, worthy enough, lovable enough, blah, blah, blah.

They are just thoughts & thoughts can be changed. They never were true in the first place!. Just a made up story that we took on & now it’s time to ditch that old story & re-write the new.

Are you ready to take on that challenge?.

So, the truth is *|FNAME|*, I suspect you do really know that your top most priority in life over everything you do is YOU?. 

Self love really isn’t an easy topic you know and I really don’t blame you for wanting to run out that exit door. However, the reason for your soul’s journey here on the Earth School is exactly that!.

You must be asking yourself HOW can I love myself more each day?. This is the evolution of your soul we are talking about here.
Loving yourself = FEELING good.

Today, I simply wanted to remind you of that, so here are 3 cool yogi tips to slow down, pay attention & take a little bit more time to give yourself some TLC.

1). Love doesn’t require you to DO anything. Love simply asks you to BE. When you notice yourself getting caught up in the “doing-ness” of life, step back, observe, breathe and continue on. Practise the “Be” in the present.

2)., Trapped in compulsive thinking, over-whelm, anxiety or a meltdown?
Change your internal STATE by focusing the mind & tuning into the sounds you can hear far off in the distance. Pay attention to each & every sound that arises, following it through from start to end without labelling it. Just simply observe the experience of being with the sounds, letting them arise & fall away. This will shift your FOCUS & pull you out of any “emotional” state that is falsely threatening your sense of safety..

2). Love is the absence of fear. Take a moment to check in with some of your actions & behaviours today and make a conscious note to yourself if the action or behaviour is driven by love & trust or fear & doubt?. When we make choices out of fear & doubt we are looking in the wrong place for the solution!.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am worthy of love & I enjoy nourishing my mind, body & soul with the wisdom of balance”
 Om Shanti & Peace my wee yogi-nis!.

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4 Day Transformational Retreat: De-stress, Relax, Rejuvenate & Re-build.
“Book Me On To This Awesome Retreat with you Divine Davinder!!!.. I need some of your yumminess, more energy, health, peace, serenity, joy & to enjoy my potential for loving myself more than I ever thought possible!!. Gimme a space”.

What clients have said previously….

ThanAmy Hk you so much for the best time ever. You’ve inspired, helped & transformed me more than you’ll ever know in just a few short exchanges. Your dedication, transparency & grace is such a joy to behold & get amongst. Lead the way!

Amy H.

Jen R

Davinder, thank you for bringing love back into my life and creating the many moments of peace, breath, serenity and good health. Best week I’ve spent in years and totally healing.

Jenny R.

I canLisa Cnot begin to even think of words suitable to convey how utterly grateful I am to you for this past week. Yoga and what it brings had already fundamentally changed me as a person in the last year but this week you have shifted how I live. I have experienced things I didn’t know were possible. I finally am truly grateful for you as a teacher, guru and friend, and I look forward to continuing my journey with you on the sidelines.

Lisa C.

Make yourself a priority – I hope you choose to come join me so I can share my life-transforming tools with you. If I can change from being a 40 a day smoker, workaholic, stress head, compulsive, addictive, undisciplined lover (of bad foods…mostly ginger nuts) … you can change your patterns too.

It just takes some self belief, the right tools, friendships & space… not to mention a funky guru to hold your hand…. There is nothing your mind cannot transform.

Don’t forget to connect via Facebook below….

Ps. If you would like to know more about “Self Love”

12.30pm: Self Love Through The Top 15 Superfoods
2.00pm: Self Love Through Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind

Meet us here: MIND< BODY< SPIRIT fayre – Fredericks Maidenhead

Now it’s your turn & I would love to hear back from you on the blog below. What are you going to commit to today to make YOU your no.1 priority?

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Yes Please!

With Love,

What is love?

This is a question I get asked a lot… What Is Love?.

Highly recommend  This Movie – Unity.

My personal journey enfolded into a spiritual journey when I was shook up, my foundations were rocked, when I was forced to become conscious that the love I believed to be love, was now shattering into a million explosions of doubt, insecurity, pain, collapse, loss & agony.

As I walked the spiritual path which involved the unmasking of my false beliefs about love I came to the frightening awareness that I was wrong or perhaps misguided by my own beliefs & societies beliefs about love.

This felt like a catastrophic time in my life as the structure that held my life together started to crumble. I held on for dear life but the more I held on the more pain I experienced.

My outer world crumbled and after a meltdown, I finally picked myself up to facing my illusions & seeing myself clearly with all my wounds, vulnerability & make up.

I was fortunate enough to have to let go of my obsession with the external world forcing an eye-opening, mind-blowing & wondrous journey into the Inner World.

To know love you must know peace, neither of these can be achieved purely through external grit. To really know love & peace your inner world needs to be your first priority.

Here is a trailer to the movie: Unity. I would really encourage you to watch the full film.

Wishing you a path of peace & true love.

Love Davinder

“Fall in love with yourself first, this will lay the foundations for a love beyond words to enter your being. Love is not external.”


Stress shrinks your brain….

The “7 Keys To Transformation” – From Stress to Peace Of Mind…

Stress Shrinks Your Brain….

So, I woke up yesterday morning with what felt like brain ache!.  Have you ever had that experience?. My brain felt like it was growing inside my head & then shrinking so much it hurt. We all get stressed out from time to time right?.

No one is alone here with this one, but what sets one person apart from another when it comes to stress is how much we know about what we can do when we are in the midst of it….. So, how do we move from Stress Head to Almighty Brain within minutes?….

Image result for stress brain yoga

I loved the article I received from Marie Forleo this morning as she highlights:  “Chronic stress triggers long-term changes in brain structure & function, and not in a good way!. Stress can actually shrivel your brain like a Californian raisin!. Specifically making you more prone to anxiety & depression whilst making it harder for you to focus, learn & remember new things. Serious stuff!.”

After just 10mins of my morning meditation I could feel the heat inside my head starting to dissolve & I was back to the stillness & the stress-free clarity I needed to follow through with my day’s schedule.

Following a few moments with my breath, changed the course of my day, the results, & not to mention my health!. I want to share my secrets, knowledge, wisdom & tools to help you move from stress to liberation quickly & effectively before you start shrivelling your beautiful & much needed brain into that Californian raisin!.

What are the “7 Keys To Transformation?” From Stress to Peace Of Mind in minutes…

The 7 Keys to transformation are 7 highly effective tools I have developed throughout my 20yr journey of transforming the Mind, Body & Soul. These keys are the foundations for my Meditation teachings & MedYoga practise. These simple & easy to follow systematic steps can be used by anyone throughout the course of the day to decrease the amount of time spent in any “stress” response.

It is essential for your health you first recognise stress which is simply the mind’s resistance to the PRESENT MOMENT. Re-programming the “roots” to the Mind that create false fight/flight responses gives us back the power to being here now in our natural state of health, trust, safety, security, liberation, peace & joy.

Would you like to know more about my secret tools?. I am so passionate about sharing these super effective keys with you as they unlocked me to living my life in health & from my purpose.

Reserve Your Space Here 

Lecture: Stress & Health – “The 7 Keys To Transformation” by Davinder Ojalla

Guest Speaker: Peter Pure (Founder of Max Vitality, Renowned Health Expert & Raw Food Chef).

What’s one specific situation that is really stressing you out at the moment?. What negative impact is it creating in your life?. How is it affecting you & those in your life?. How different would you/your life be if that situation no longer had the power to stress you out?.

I would love to hear from you so come on & share your comments below. Your brain is very much needed by us all out here!. Keep it fit & healthy!.

Much Love



MedYoga – Free Voucher

MedYoga – Free Voucher

Have you ever experienced moments in your life when the universe suddenly“wakes you up?”. Your view of reality/life or yourself is suddenly shattered, threatened or forced to change?.

In these moments it can be quite scary, overwhelming & challenging to fully face not just what’s happening externally, but often more so within us, internally. These “wake ups” can often force us into unknown territories within our emotions & unconscious behaviours. We may hold a false belief that we are not “strong enough” to cope with it all.

My first “wake up” took me so far away from the reality I had been living just HERE. Micky Mouse got blasted out of my heart. He was dumped & Micky Mouse’s Disco’s no longer made me want to shake & groove my thing.

Wake-ups do not need to be big events, they can be very subtle yet being aware of them can cause our ground to shake. Fortunately, through years of transformation & understanding life from a new place Micky & his discos are back!.

Image result for mickey mouse disco youtube song

My spiritual journey started with one of these “wake up” moments. I opened up tools & wisdom that gave me so much more than I had ever imagined but the ultimate gift was peace. Without peace we can never be free. Without freedom we can never know the true experience of joy. Without joy we can never know the full experience of life. Without the full experience of life we remain unconscious.

Learning to listen to the language of the internal world without judging, fixing, changing, blocking, suppressing, fighting or resisting is the path of a spiritual master. Simple awareness of what is allows life the space to bring in the consciousness needed to allow nourishment, love & inspired action to manifest. We move from a constant state of “doing-ness” to “being-ness”. 

Life just “is”, so fighting with it to be another way other than how it just showed up is madness. The fight/flight response often unnecessarily triggered by the mind towards puffing up the ego or will to control & manipulate the external to suit us is a relentless, pointless, exhausting & unsustainable path to peace & happiness.

MedYoga provides you with the tools & training to become the master of your own mind. The tools allow you to strengthen the “observer” rather than the default “reactor”. This is hugely powerful in breaking free from the unconscious, limiting, destructive & fearful traps & illusions of the mind. Coming out of the duality of the mind leads to a path of freedom & truth: joyful living.

If you feel tired, stressed, blocked, anxious, depressed, over-whelmed or stuck, MedYoga will give you the space to come home to your “Self”. This is the first & most difficult step for us to take in a world that is pushing us to keep up at 100mph.

Space is beyond powerful & must also exist within your space: your mind, body & soul if health & well-being are to thrive. Without learning the art of creating space within your own self you are unconsciously creating an internal house of litter. Creating space allows awareness & inspired action which is very different to forced motivation which is not a sustainable method to authentic happiness.

So, to inspire you, I would like you to use this gift for yourself, loved ones & your friends for the rest of October:

Free MedYoga Class Pass (worth £13.50) to be used on any of the following classes:

Tuesdays 9.30am – 11.15am
Sundays 4.30pm – 6.00pm

Coupon Code: Gratitude.
Make sure you book asap to reserve your space as limited to 6 persons.

25% off either of my two coaching packages:
1 Day Transformation
8 Wk Transformation

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So, now I would love to hear back from you!. Have you had experiences or having experiences that are “waking you up?”. How have you dealt with these?. Did you ever experience any moments of extraordinary peace within these testing times when your mind did become still as a lake?.

I would love to hear from you so share your story & connect with me below to join my network. 

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With Love