What’s Really Holding You Back?

What’s Really Holding You Back?…


Do you ever aspire to have it all?  The dream business, relationships, lifestyle, health, etc, but somehow you’re not creating the results you really want in ALL areas of your life?


Have you ever set a powerful intention for a new personal practice like meditation, healthy eating or yoga? Promising yourself that “this time, I’m gonna stick to it” only to find that a couple of weeks later the old habits are back & your integrity is in tatters?


Sometimes, it can feel like everyone else is achieving his or her goals in life, while you’re left struggling to figure out who you’re meant to be or what you want to do. You just can’t seem to make the leap from where you are to where you want to be.


If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are methods to identify what’s holding you back—whether it’s fear, limiting beliefs, or the unconscious mind—and then eliminate each obstacle to reach your goals.


Remember, you’re the only one who has the power to either move forward or hold yourself back.



The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind…




One of the most important ways to grow yourself is to become aware of how your subconscious mind holds you back from greatness.

90% of your actions & results in life are determined by the subconscious mind.





  • If you think you’re free of limiting beliefs, you’re kidding yourself.


  • If you think you’re going to achieve your dreams without addressing your limiting beliefs, you’re kidding yourself.


  • 10% of the results you experience in your life are determined by the conscious mind & 90% by the subconscious.


The Higher Self Code, MedYoga & The 7 Keys Meditation are highly effective practical tools that allow you to dive deep into the subconscious mind to dissolve negative, limiting & disempowering conditioning within the mind


Mastering Your Destiny is a transformational journey that allows you to remove the weeds, blocks & resistance that keep you stuck, procrastinating & sabotaging what you truly want & desire in life.


According to Dean Grazioli, the top two things holding people back from their true potential are:

  • Their Own Fear
  • Other People’s Negativity

Whether this is true or not, the root for both of these is what we are telling ourselves! The root is within our own mind and to what extent we are either allowing our greatness to flow through us or sabotaging it.


Sabotaging ourselves is a block within the subconscious mind. If you would like to identify & expose your top Saboteurs, which is the first step to intercepting & weakening them click on the link below:


I insist all my private clients take the following test from positive intelligence. Positive Intelligence Quotient is the percentage of time your mind is serving you as opposed to sabotaging you. Your PQ indicates how much mastery you have over your own mind.


Click On Link At Bottom Of Post To Discover Your Top Saboteur


5 Things That Make All The Difference…


1). Having a coach & someone to guide you to get you in the game, for deep immersion, focus, clarity. To wake you up, give you the on-going support & training, keep you motivated, empowered & inspired in the right direction.


2). Having the latest, greatest & newest tactical tools, steps & strategies that give you an easy step by step system to get you from where you are now to where you really want to be.


3). Allowing yourself to feel comfortable with fear – stopping you from expanding & going to your next level.


4). Taking full responsibility: Stop blaming others & making excuses: these are often driven by fear, insecurity, or complacency and can really hold you back.


5). Mastering the mind: Transforming limiting thoughts & beliefs: which can be influenced by a condition, event or circumstance in your past that make you feel powerless, stuck or blocked hindering your progress in life.


“Fear never goes away which is why you need the tools, support & inspiration to keep moving through. When you feel fear, know you’re on the bridge!”


In the comments below I want to know –


Have you ever had an overwhelming fear and overcome it?

What exactly did you do?

What subconscious beliefs do you think may be getting in the way of your success today?

How can this process help you right now?

As always, live naturally, be true to yourself & honour your soul

I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say on this topic as it’s a really important one!

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