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As an Inspirational Speaker & Transformation Coach, my work is about helping courageous souls like you to reach your highest potential.

My mission?

I believe each & every single one of us is born with a unique seed of potential that once discovered, has the power to heal & light up the world.

Many unfortunately leave this Earth School either never having discovered their unique gift or live in fear of revealing it’s power & magnificence to the world for fear of rejection or not being good enough.

My mission is to create a community of people who are willing to accept they already are perfect & beautiful just as they are right now without any need to change, fix or judge parts of themselves.

May you experience through vulnerability the beauty & perfection of your complete enfolding….moment to moment…darkness to light so that you might know your  true self.

x Davinder

My programs & teachings will help you to…

Achieve emotional, spiritual and physical freedom by removing the blocks that keep you tethered to the past, which frees you to become who you really are – your highest potential, wise and liberated self.

By working together using a range of powerful healing and transformation techniques, I’ll teach you how to become the master of your mind, emotions, thoughts, body & your life so you can move forwards with bold, confident strides knowing you have everything you need to create the life you dream of.

To read more about my training and specific transformation modalities I use, head on over here.

The Lightening Session

One Session (£395) A complete immersion & deep dive straight into the root of any block, limitation or challenge…. You will have the clarity, awareness & inspiration to step up & achieve your next level of success & get what you really want.

Apply here!

6mth Coaching | The Emerge Session | £7,995

12mths| Mastering Your Destiny | £10,995

:: Emerge…

Reprogram the subconscious mind from negative thoughts, emotions & limiting beliefs.

Get clarity on your true goals, life purpose & dream.

Breakthrough to uncover your potential for success, freedom, abundance, health & happiness.

Brainstorming your business, life, health, career or relationships for immediate actions.

Manuals, Recipes, Class Plans To ensure your own unique transformation for the Mind, Body & Soul. Incorporating Foods (Superfood Recipes), Body (Medyoga) & Mind (Mindfulnesss & The 7 Keys Meditation)

Personal Tool Kit created uniquely for your specific needs & forwarded within 7 days.

This is the most incredible gift you could give yourself or a loved one.

Personal 121 care, attention & an experience that will transform your life & awaken your soul.

A fun, inspiring & educational private coaching program with Davinder that will leave you feeling you have a new mind, body & purpose with energy, passion & drive for your business & life that you never knew you had.

Please apply for a place with Davinder 1-2mths in advance of booking as spaces can often get booked months in advance.

:: Transforming Your Destiny…& Soar….
I only take on clients that are committed, determined & willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams & unique potential.

I will be your personal guide & private coach for a full 12mth period

Tools, resources & strategies to master the mind, body & soul to achieve your highest potential.

A complete overhaul to get clarity with your goals, intentions & greater purpose for true authentic & sustainable success.

Together we create a step-by-step action plan to ensure your goals are measurable, achievable & sustainable

This is a bespoke program designed specifically for you that allows you to progress at your own pace.

All exercises are essential to your progress & must be committed to in advance.

This truly is the best gift you could give yourself. It’s fun, inspiring & the step to to empower you to feel good & achieve your highest potential.

:: If you feel…

Blocked, stressed & exhausted and like you’re constantly swimming upstream

Overwhelmed with thoughts & emotions that won’t switch off

Confused & anxious, unable to find clarity or relief from compulsive thoughts & negative emotions

Frustrated that your efforts towards healing a physical ailment, transforming your behaviour or adopting a new routine just aren’t taking hold

Worried about your future, tethered to past memories or distracted and anxious in the present moment

Emotionally out of whack, either resulting from stress, hormones, burnout or a sudden jolt to your system

Worked yourself to the bone for that pay rise, house, relationship only to find that everything you worked for no leaves you feeling trapped & utterly unfulfilled?

Your integrity is in tatters as any new practise like meditation, healthy eating or NOT picking arguments just don’t seem to take root

Then I can help.

:: I specialise in… the MIND, BODY & EMOTIONS.
By working with both your conscious mind, your energy system and your subconscious beliefs, you’ll be amazed at the shift which is awaiting you.

:: How it works.
I’m based in the UK in Maidenhead and see clients in person and also via Skype for international and non-local clients.

All new clients are invited for a 45-min consultation with me via skype to make sure I fully understand your needs and to make sure I’m the right coach for you.

This also gives you a chance to get a feel for my approach so you are 100% sure you are making a wise investment for you.

:: During the consultation I’ll let you know how I will be able to help you and a suggested package to suit your needs & current situation.

:: Once you’re all booked in I’ll send you a welcome packet, you can book your sessions online at a time that best suits you and we’ll set the wheels in motion.


Davinders style of practice is truly unique.

I have dipped in and out of depression for a number of years, and as part of this have seen various medical professionals, with minimal impact. I have seen Davinder for a small number of sessions and have been able to challenge and change some of the negative aspects of my thought process and lifestyle in a way I have not done before, having much more of a significant impact than in the past.


Kind words from happy clients…

Davinders approach has completely changed my pre-conceived idea of what “counselling” is.

Within minutes of our first session she gave me a better understanding of myself and some of my behaviours & her guidance took me to what were clearly deeply buried blocks for me, getting me more in touch with the depths of my core to really experience what was going on.

Each session has brought breakthrough moments, which have led to clarity, joy, tears, amazement, and always peace.

Most importantly, Davinder has also given me the ability to develop myself, and now I know that after seeing her there will always be some tools or lessons which will continue to help me grow long after the end of our time together.

If you are in need of support, or have a feeling that something isn’t quite right in your life and want to grow from it, go see Davinder. You will be so glad you did.


Are you ready to make today your turn around point?

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Work With Me

6mths | The Emerge Session | £7,995

12 mths| Mastering Your Destiny | £10,995