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Priory/ Cardinal Patients Requiring Private Holistic Specialism Retreats With Davinder:

***1/2 & Full Day Therapy, Coaching & Mentoring Days.

***2-28 Night Bespoke Residential Retreats/ Immersions Offered.

***3, 6 & 12mth Intensive Residential Retreats, Programs & Packages.

Please Contact Us To Discuss - Limited Availability.

The Awakening Process | 90mins

The Awakening Process is a transformative coaching, counselling & mindful approach to Self Inquiry & the healing of mental, emotional, physical & spiritual blocks. Offering a safe space & framework to explore into Patterns, Cycles, Human Energy Field, Subconscious/ Unconscious Memory & Cellular Body.

The process is aimed at unlocking unprocessed emotions, unconscious thoughts, belief systems, wounds & trauma affecting our life, health, relationships, confidence, prosperity, sexuality, self worth or business/ career/ purpose.

Sessions support clients to gain clarity, reframe challenges & develop an increasing tolerance for difficult bodily sensations & suppressed emotions to enable a deep cathartic release, resolution & (karmic/ trauma) cycle completion.

An extremely powerful approach created by Davinder over 15yrs empowering clients to manage & support their own healing process. As the focus is turned inwards clients often find themselves processing past life trauma, inner child wounds, grief, abandonment, abuse, relationship cords, shadow sabotage, fear, unconscious patterns & deeply buried emotions within the psyche & cellular body.

Investment: £245

1 x 75min | Therapy/ Coaching - Includes Video Recording & Bespoke Navigational Soul Map.

(Bespoke Sessions Vary: Inner Child/ Shadow/ Awakening/ MedYoga/ 7 Keys Meditation/ A Practical Video or Audio To Confidently Use To Grow, Evolve & Transform).

Spaces (***Limited)


MedYoga Therapy & Somatic Bodywork | 3 Sessions

MedYoga Therapy is a somatic approach to the healing of trauma through focusing on breathwork, bodywork, fascia/ cell/ tissue manipulation & transformational tools that stimulate the vagus nerve, meridians/ chi/ prana/ life force & activate the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation response).

Davinder offers a unique space of safety, love & framework to explore trapped energy/ blockages through postural alignment, gentle stretches, MedYoga looping, breath, drumming, dance, sound, yin movements & life force enhancing practices.

The process is aimed at unlocking unprocessed emotions in the fascia & cellular trauma affecting our ability to feel love, joy, pleasure, intimacy & connection. Sessions support clients to heal blockages in the 7 main chakras: security, sensuality, sexuality, confidence, personal power, boundaries, love/ relationship cords, higher soul/ divine connection, neck, hip, shoulder tension as well as mental, emotional, physical & spiritual disconnection/ pain & suffering.

An extremely powerful approach created by Davinder over 20yrs empowering clients to feel safe again in their body, to feel all emotions again & allow the grieving of the old and the expansion of the new.

Investment: £450 (3x 45min sessions - Includes recordings/ guided meditations.)



Spiritual Healing & Energy Work | 3 Sessions

Spiritual Healing & Energy Work allows us to use the power of light, vibration & frequencies to create transformation. Through the laying on of hands, tuning forks, crystal sound bowls or distant healing we re-activate, rebalance & realign the chakra system, aura & human energy field.

Davinder's techniques create calm, balance & harmony rewiring the nervous system/ fight/flight response/ stress response as you lie/ relax back on a bed/mat or chair.

The process is aimed at healing karmic patterns/ cycles, past life trauma, relationships cords, entities, shadow, pain, energy blocks, trapped energy & return your system to abundant energy, flow, chi, prana & life force.

A gentle, often non verbal & therapeutic approach for stress, depression, fear, worry, anxiety, nervous system recovery.

Investment: £350 - (3 x 45min Sessions)




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