Healing & Transformation


Soul Mastery Sessions

The perfect de-stress package for corporate overwhelm, anxiety or stress.


1 x 90min Live Bespoke MedYoga Session Via Skype.

1 x Bespoke Guided Meditation Audio.
Recordings Sent To You Within 7 days.

Investment: £495

(Includes free 20min design & consultation)

Soul Dive Sessions

Choose from any of the below:

MedYoga, Energy Healing, CBT, Mindfulness, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, Angelic Healing, Sound Healing, Mantra Therapy, Chanting, Colour Healing, Past Life Regression, Relationship Cord Healing or Distant Healing.

1 x 30min Session: £95

1 x 60min Session: £145

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The Awakening Process

Experience this profound healing technique created by Davinder.

A unique system cultivated & perfected from 25-15yrs of research.

This technique uses the most effective transformation techniques to shift stubborn blocks buried deep within the unconscious mind through unlocking cellular memory within the body.

Your body is an incredibly intelligent system that holds great wisdom.

This is a profound journey that has the power to return physical cells to their natural balance, recover from unwanted conditions & heal trauma, addictions, ptsd & mental health conditions.

When you harness the power that creates worlds & allow it to flow through you, there is no physical body, condition or problem that cannot return to it's natural wellbeing.

It all starts with the re-balancing of your thoughts & physical cells in your body.

1 x Session: £395

3 Month Intensive Program: £3k

6 Month Intensive Program: £5k