Higher Self Mastery

“Free Your Mind & Empower Your Life”


This 1 day meditation workshop is a powerful introduction into the mechanics of your mind:

Both it’s limitations & greater potential.


Suitable for complete beginners & advanced practitioners.


“The 7 Keys Meditation” & “The Awakening Process” are my own discovery & unique processes to activate the bodies' innate healing ability

& higher potential.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Master the most effective meditation practise at home to suit your current lifestyle.
  • Transform low vibration emotions to higher states of being & feeling good.
  • Transform health, dis-ease & disharmony through unlocking your innate wellbeing.
  • Relieve stress, anxiety & overwhelm for more energy & presence.
  • Improve concentration, clarity & focus for deliberate creations.
  • Unlock your higher potential for more joy, love, intimacy, connection, peace & fulfilment.
  • Reverse engineer any habits, behaviours & patterns holding you back from what you really want.
  • Use mindfulness, meditation & stress release exercises to create instant calm & relief.
  • Access the "zone" & "flow" states for inspiration, higher potential & creativity.


You’ll be introduced to my unique systems, teachings & strategies developed over 25yrs of study.


Whether you’re a complete novice, an advanced meditator or simply looking for relief from a particular life situation or condition, you will open your mind to things you never knew were possible...

This is powerful, healing & fun too!


Are you ready to master that monkey mind & take back your power?


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Next Date: Saturday 13th October 2018

Time: 9.30am -5.00pm

Location: 1a, Belmont Vale, Maidenhead

Investment: £145.