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Coaching, Counselling, CBT, Mindfulness, Meditation, MedYoga & Energy Healing Therapies 4 Life, Health, Relationships & Business.

Inner Child Healing, Relationship Counselling, Relationship Cords, Eating Disorders, Addictions, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, Tuning Forks, Resonance Healing, Frequency Healing, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, Drumming, Past Life Regression, Trauma, Pain Body, Disease, Depression, Abuse, Self Sabotage, Mental Health, Mindfulness, 7 Keys Meditation, Colour Healing, Energy/ Prana Healing, MedYoga, Mindful Movement, Raw Foods, Spirit Guide Connection, Angelic Healing, Light Code Activations, CBT, Counselling & Transformational Coaching...

The Lightning Sessions

(121 Private Coaching Session With Davinder

& The Guardians Of Light/ Quan Yin)


Sometimes all it takes is a single insight, awakening, or activation to massively shift your consciousness to another level.

The Lightening Sessions are for you if you want to get straight to the root of an issue, challenge, or situation that requires more clarity, deeper awareness, and transformation in your life/ health/ relationships/ business/ career.

Davinder will offer channeled guidance, connect with her Spirit Guides & offer tools to empower & support your transformation.


£245 (Includes VAT)

1 x 60min Video Session 


Awaken, Align & Ascend

3-6mth Private Sessions with Davinder

& The Guardians of light/ Quan Yin


The perfect, personalised & intimate way to apply and integrate the incredible wisdom, teachings & tools Davinder has learned, practiced & studied over 30yrs into your own life!


Focusing on any topic you choose… from purpose to business, relationships to self-love, self-sabotage to sexual connection, health to confidence, career and anxiety to your deeper desires, trauma to dissolving the pain-body, belief systems, programming & specific life events to simple daily joys… anything goes!


Your Private Coaching will provide valuable insights to help you live a more purposeful, fulfilling, and rewarding life. Join Davinder and The Guardians Of Light on a journey of new perceptions and rich insights that assist you in aligning with your soul’s desires.


£4k (3 mths)/ £7k (6mths)

2 x 75min Monthly Sessions

***Added Bonus: 1 x 2hr Pre-Coaching Assessment & Roadmap

***Unlimited Personal Email Contact

***Recordings/ Audios where applicable

***Unlimited "Lighthouse & MedYoga School" access



 Holisitc Mental Health

3-12mth Private Mental Health Recovery with Davinder

Often Used by: Cardinal & Priory Clinic Patients


The perfect, personalised & intimate way to get intimate, constant & consistent support through emotional & mental crises.


Focusing on building a strong inner foundation, mastering key tools to develop presence, confidence & stability to face the emotional storms, emotional breakdowns & trust yourself to walk through a dark night of the solar/ terror/ rage/ fear/ mental breakdowns.


Your Private Coaching will provide valuable tools to help you live a more peaceful, whole & integrated life. Apply for Davinder to be your personal guardian, hold our hand & champion you to get through Mental Crises, Suicidal Crisis & Emotional Crises. These are not caves but tunnels and you have the power inside of you, with a helping hand to walk through & out to the other side.


£5k (3mth Intensive)

***Includes 1 x 45-60min weekly calls,

Unlimited email support/ texts/ emergency contact.


121 Private MedYoga or Meditation


In today's world it's essential we all have a toolkit, unwavering support

& expert guidance for our mental & emotional health & wellbeing,

Used mainly by clients referrals from Cardinal & Priory.



£1,500 - 60min Weekly Sessions Via Zoom

(10wks Consecutive Booking)

Classes Held Via Zoom



Davinder - High Res -137
Davinder - High Res -199

Premium Private Retreats 3-7nights

Book me for 3-7 nights at a stunning location allowing us to dive deep into transformation.

We will create a bespoke program tailored specifically to your requirements, needs & current challenges.

You will have space to reflect, get clear on what you really want & align to your next best step in life, health, relationships or business.


The Awakening Process


Combining the most effective transformation techniques I have discovered over 17yrs to shift stubborn blocks buried deep within the unconscious mind creating dis-harmony, dis-ease & dis-connection mentally, physically & emotionally.


This is a profound technique that has helped clients in their process of recovery from PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictions, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer etc as well as empower you to take control of your life, health & well-being.


The most powerful way I know to safely enter the subconscious mind, safely access the pain body, shift & transform unwanted behaviors, patterns & cycles.

The Awakening Process

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Counselling 4 Kids & Teens...

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