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3 Reasons To Meditate Using The 7 Keys


Meditation is my passion, my love & of course the reason I created "The 7 Keys Meditation". My friends & sisters would laugh at me when asked what we would most love to do with our lives if we could do anything we wanted.

They came up with wild, adventurous & extremely imaginative ideas about how they would spend their time. Me, I would be the odd one, the weirdo who, full of joy would shout - I would mediate all day for the rest of my life! I love it!!! I love it!!! I love it!!!

For me, meditation is the most daring, courageous & adventurous journey anyone could ever take - it's the craziest, easiest, toughest, fastest, slowest, scariest, most beautiful, electrifying, frustrating, magical, joyous, painful, saddest, torturous, mind-blowing, the most beautiful contradictory experience you could ever have as you welcome all of you - the light & dark.

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Meditation is the education of life - You, The Universe, The Soul, Body, Emotions, Mind, Creation - what could be more fantastic than that???

My first meditation experience happened at the age of 7yrs, although at the time I never realised what had happened. However, that moment was so important it would go on to save my life from a suicidal crisis at the age of 30yrs.

Below I am sharing just a few reasons why "The 7 Keys Meditation" would be the best gift you could ever give yourself...

1. Connect with Source, Spirit Guides & Higher Consciousness

We all without exception have the ability to connect with the Universe/Source/Divinity/God - (call it whatever feels good for you - this isn't about religion). Connection to the Universe was revered by humans when we first entered this planet and were aware we were multidimensional divine beings/ a soul incarnating into an experience of a physical body.


When we first incarnated we did not automatically lose or cut off from our connection & communication channels to these higher dimensions - this happened slowly through thousands of years as ego, power & fear became dominant through certain leaderships.

Unfortunately, this has lead to a loss of individual power & a society full of disconnection & disease. The majority of society removed from the truth that they are a god - a divine being in human form. We have been denied & cut off from our true potential through certain structures & systems designed to keep humanity from awakening.

The implications of this are massive as you cannot thrive if you are cut off from that which created you. The 7 Key Meditation allows us to activate & open the crown chakra which is the portal through which we plug back into the Source, refuel, replenish, start to fill up again & connect to higher dimensions so that they can guide us on our journey.

We also work on the other 6 main chakras (mainly the Heart & Root) to strengthen.

We are not alone! -We never were.

It is essential we all learn how to activate our energy bodies & unplug from false trappings for this next phase of evolution so we can embody the divine and activate our collective purpose & mission. The embodiment of your divinity is the only way back home.


2. Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

The 7 Keys is an inner journey & step by step process towards self-mastery so that you can better understand the tools you have been given to create your reality - your mind, thoughts, beliefs & emotions which are all energy.

Through mastering your energy you are able to shift your vibration & frequency to match the fields that will bring to you what will serve you and your soul. This is very different from manifesting, we work with co-creating and the art of allowing through surrender so we can move towards our soul potential, not our ego potential. Through the process of undoing, you will naturally float back up to your higher vibration.


However, this is a lifetime journey, not a quick fix as there are thousands of years worth of ancestral beliefs, blocks & boulders that have been put into place to keep you away from your light as this was for many a death sentence in the past!

So we safely & slowly allow this process to unfold organically which gives rise to resistance, pain, discomfort & the purging of dense emotions & blocks.

This is the stage many people quit & think they can't do it but you can & you must! You will break through the mind's resistance. It can be as tough as hell but you must face the darkness & the shadows to access the light.


You cannot get to the light if you cannot unconditionally love EVERYTHING that is inside of you. You must love, accept & face your darkness too for it to transform.


3. Heal The Pain Body & Align With Your Purpose

We all have a pain body whether you are consciously aware of it or not. The more conscious you become of it, the greater the opportunity for potential, evolution & transformation. If the pain body is ignored, stays buried & unconscious it will create for you & believe me what it manifests is not going to bring you a smile let alone feelings of expansion, abundance, connection, love & joy!

Quite the contrast - it will sabotage the light in your life and leave you feeling powerless.


There is a safe way & art to allowing the pain body to arise, stay present with it & develop resilience/ stability/ faith through the process which allows you to pull out any disconnection from the roots.

As you start to heal & transform the pain body your actions, behaviors & choices will naturally be guided by your Higher Self and old habits start to fall away.

With each stripping of a layer, you are peeling the onion which will reveal more & more of who you really are at your core, and once you really master your inner stability & presence power this process accelerates taking you straight to your purpose & mission.


You simply cannot get away from it as your light is now a magnet for higher dimensional beings who will want to work through you to serve this world.

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