💖 Monthly MedYoga | August 2020

30min | MedYoga 4 The Inner Child | Abridged Version

💖 When was the last time you took a moment to play, let go & truly celebrate yourself?

Taking the time to connect to our inner child is an act of self-love & allows us to appreciate our innocence, playful nature & discover more of our true needs as well as build compassion & empathy for others. 

This month's MedYoga (meditation-yoga) practice will help you...


👉 Strengthen & stabilise your connection to the Inner Child within,

👉 Build your kindness, compassion, playfulness & not taking yourself so seriously muscles,

👉 Allow, feel, see & acknowledge the beauty & perfection in who you are TODAY, right now,

👉 Sit & stand a little taller & channel your inner superhero,

👉 Celebrate the star you already are, re-connecting to your light & soul essence,

👉 Give your inner child the nourishment he/ she needs to thrive, play, expand & evolve,

👉 Embody self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, joy & re-ignite your unique spark of divinity!

"I Deserve Love & Respect From Everyone, Regardless Of My Social Position, Achievements, Appearance, Past, Education & What Others Think Of Me.

I Am Created In Divine Perfection"


💖Suggested Mudra: Surya Mudra (15-45mins in meditation)


Extract from Mudras for Modern Life by Swami Saradananda.

Surya Mudra_093

Surya Mudra

You will find Surya Mudra helpful any time you feel in need of inspiration or would like to counter lethargy of the body or mind.


💖 Surya is one of the names of the sun, our most visible form of the element fire. Inspired by the light of the sun, darkness (in the form of depression) disappears and heaviness lifts from the heart.

💖 Regular practice of this mudra generally improves digestion and elimination. It stimulates your body to burn excess fat and reduces cholesterol, helping you to cleanse yourself and lose weight

💖 Each mudra is associated with the particular attributes of specific deities & each finger represents one of the 5 elements. Mudras represent our inter-connectedness, gratitude & honoring of the light within each other, reminding us of the divine presence within ourselves & all beings.

💖 There are a large number of nerve endings within the hands which make them extremely sensitive to touch, allowing & feeling the energy flow/ chi/ prana.


💖Suggested Mantra: Sat Nam x 7 or 108 times during meditation

Sat means Truth—the reality of one’s existence. Nam means name or identity. It instantly attunes us to our highest self. Sat Nam affirms that Truth is our Identity. Chant Saaaaaaaaat Nam.

When we say Sat Nam to each other, we are acknowledging our mutual divine identity. Cleanses the mind & activates the energy that erases & establishes habits. Neutralises tension & works on the glandular system,


To your Awakening & Ascension!

Love, Davinder x


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