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30min | Meeting Your Future Self | Guided Meditation

new Years Ritual - 2020

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There is an art to staying present within the now moment yet allowing your dreams to act as a gravitational pull towards your most desired future.

Over the last few years, I have had so much joy helping clients design their life. We are all-powerful co-creators with the Universe and learning how to master visualisation, emotional & mental states, as well as your vibrational frequency are key to attracting the results you really desire.

This guided meditation is designed to ground you into the present moment by slowing the brain waves down to the Alpha state, using the 3rd eye to travel to higher dimensions as well anchor and embody future timeline potentials.

Learning to embody the energy of your higher self's greater potential in the now moment is where all the power lies. Practice this meditation weekly & leave me your comments!

30min | Guided Meditation Below...

This guided meditation is designed to introduce you to your Future Self and...

- Ground you into the body & the present moment,
- Slow the brain waves down to the Alpha state (receptivity),
- Re-ignite your deeper creativity, imagination & intuition,
- Unlock your heart & soul's true yearnings & desires,
- Gain new insights into hidden fears holding you back, 
- Open the 3rd eye to travel to higher dimensions,
- Anchor and embody future timeline potentials now,
- Re-ignite your soul's potential for love, freedom & self-expression,
- Get clarity on our future self vision 1, 5 & 10yrs from now,

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