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5 Tips To Start A Vegan & Plant-Based Diet

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Over the last few years, I've helped more & more clients slowly transition to a more plant-based diet/ vegan diet.

This really excites me as it shows as a collective we are feeling energy & vibration much more than ever.

Having a vegan/ veggie/plant-based diet like anything is a journey and needs to be taken slowly, mindfully & respecting the process of transformation.

Through changing the foods you are ingesting to more subtle higher frequencies your Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual bodies will also shift in frequency and so it's important to ensure you get the right level of support for yourself to make the transition fun, healthy, safe & educational.

This week I'm sharing 5 tips to inspire you to get curious & lean into a more subtle diet wherever you are right now.

1). Be True To Yourself & Honour Your Choices


You do not need to become veggie or fully vegan, now, today, tomorrow, or ever...unless your heart & soul really want that. You might choose to be a part-time vegan & enjoy a veggie dish once a week, twice a week, weekdays & that's okay! I often see people put pressure on themselves to be "perfect" & go vegan to prove something or out of "not feeling good enough" which is toxic energy and really not supportive of your beautiful mind & body!

Make your own rules - what feels good to you? what lights up your soul? what feels exciting? - Juicing twice a week? - trying a vegan takeaway? - baking some vegan cookies? making a vegan curry? superfood balls? quitting dairy? ordering booja-booja icecream for a movie night, making some baobab popcorn, or simply adding a wider variety of leaves to your plate! - do this to get creative, explore & experience new things rather than another "should" do.

When you listen to your inner being it will feel fun, expansive & exciting not stressful, pressurised & a form of self-punishment. Your fulfillment stems from your motives so ensure your motives are clear, authentic & aligned to your truth.


2). Take One Small Step At A Time


Believe it or not, I was not born vegan & neither did I transition to vegan overnight - in fact, it took a slow 10yrs to become fully vegan. As a child, my dad brought me breakfast in the mornings, made my lunches & often dinners.

In most cases, it was either ginger biscuits or jammie dodgers for breakfast & wagon wheels at weekends for an extra special breakfast treat! Lunch was either a white bread sandwich with cheese, jam, or spam if we were really lucky! dinner either sausages & beans, fish fingers & beans or all of it & chips - everything deep-fried.

That was our diet growing up as mum was not very well & dad had 6 children to raise and work fulltime shifts in a demanding factory environment. I was not programmed with a healthy mind & body mindset at all so I had to learn, grow & most importantly have compassion for where I was at. It wasn't going to happen overnight for me even though I tried to do that many times - but without deep roots your habits never sustain.

I started my vegan journey with a choice to start juicing 3x a week, then followed the decision to quit my bacon butties (which I used to love but I knew they didn't feel good in my body). After 6mths I quit sausages, then chicken, then all meat. After many years I was feeling wonderful having done this. I then naturally found my taste buds started to dislike fish so I simply continued to listen to the messages of my body - not what the world was telling me.

Many years later, I naturally started to dislike the taste of milk & my plate was always filling up with more & more veg/ fruits. It doesn't matter where you are, simply make a choice that is actionable & realistic for you to accomplish this month.



Use your power to evolve, no matter what your starting point was.

It's not where you are now that matters to the soul,

but the distance you have traveled.


3). Replace Milk With Non-Dairy Alternatives


Reducing or completely cutting out dairy is something I recommend to most of my clients for the health benefits. Cheese can often be difficult for people to let go of so start with introducing non-dairy milk. My favourites are oat milk, rice milk, almond milk, cashew milk - unsweetened versions & I always stay away from soy milk/ any soy products.

It's so easy to make your own milk from home - in particular cashew milk. Soak the cashew overnight as they contain enzyme inhibitors which aren't great for digestion. Place 1/4 cup into a blender the following morning with 2 x pitted dates & 1 x cup filtered/ ideally distilled water. Blend at high speed just for a minute or so & you will have silky smooth cashew milk!

Keep in refrigerator for 2-3 days. Try it with macadamia nuts for a real indulgence ( higher fat content) but many of us vegans really need to keep our fats topped up - add a couple of teaspoons of cocoa powder for a luxurious hot chocolate.


4). Essential Nutrients, Vitamins & Minerals


Ensure your vegan diet includes enough adequate calcium, B12, iron, omega-3 fatty acids. My superfood green blend was created to ensure a top-up of these in particular as well as many others!

Baobab powder is high in iron, sesame seeds high in calcium, B12 in chlorella/spirulina/ rice milk, Omega-4 in flaxseeds, walnuts & canola oil. I take extra supplements for Vit D & B12.

Sometimes there can be a fear a vegan diet lacks necessary nutrients & vitamins but I disagree. If you plan ahead & make sure your meal planning is balanced you can have the healthiest, alive & fully empowering meals that contain everything your body needs for good health.

Vegan diets encourage you to cut out all/ majority of processed foods & base your diet on fruits, veg, legumes, beans & other protein variations which are ALIVE foods! Your plate should always be 50% dark leafy greens & veg so if you are already doing this, great!

5). Create A 1-Day Vegan Plan


This is a great way to start off if you want to start eating a vegan diet or just curious what a day of vegan eating would be & feel like,

Even if you're not vegan, eating more plant-based foods is a good idea all around. There are no animal products in these meal ideas. Instead, you'll fill up your plate with a balance of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes-a healthy approach to eating.

Here is a 1 Day Vegan plan to get you started...(Please follow personal nutritional guidance from a doctor or qualified nutritionist)


Breakfast: Vegan Gluten-Free Granola with Mixed Berries & Non-Dairy Milk

Download Recipe Guide HERE


Lunch: Raw Vegan Avocado & Quinoa Twist

Download Recipe Guide HERE


Dinner: Vegan Shepherds Pie with Chestnuts

Download Recipe Guide HERE


Snacks: Try some roasted chickpeas, kale/ courgette or tomato crisps, handful of goji berries, nuts, seeds, or a superfood ball.


Enjoy & have some fun with this!

D x


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