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5min | Fear To Flow | Mindfulness Practise


In Traditional Chinese Medicine & Yoga practices, it is believed that different emotions are stored in specific regions of the body, fear is stored in the kidneys.

In Western medicine, it is known that fearful thoughts are little more than chemical and electrical signals, triggered through a complex network of communication in the body’s cells. With enough repetition, those neural pathways are formed and cemented, causing the same response each time a threat is detected.

When the mind is faced with a threat, whether real or perceived, it goes back through those pathways to do the same actions triggering a fight/ flight response. Mindfulness, Meditation & MedYoga disciplines the mind into creating and strengthening neurological pathways within the brain that re-root positive communication, surrender & let go of negative programming.

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Fear To Flow - Mindfulness Exercise 1

Take a moment to find a comfortable position where you will not be disturbed for the next 5mins.

Close your eyes or soften the gaze & bring your awareness to the tip of the nose,

Sit with your shoulders relaxed and your feet flat against the floor with a long spine but not overly rigid,

Place your hands over your kidneys (at your back under your lower ribs).

Visualise, feel & sense their energy including the small adrenal glands  located on top of each kidney,

Take 3 deep breaths in & out, smile & relax into the body and breath,

Now as you inhale your stomach out, imagine a dark blue light and peace surrounding your kidneys and adrenal glands.

Inhale & exhale this powerful dark blue light deeper into the kidneys & feel the kidneys receiving this blue light,

After a few breath cycles, lean forward a little on your inhale, clasp your hands below your knees, open your eyes, and imagine exhaling fear, making a “choo” sound x 3

Feel the energy in & around the kidneys gently transform to a calm, soft & trusting energy.

Allow the energy to swirl through the kidneys inviting in love, trust & joy.


Now repeat silently or out loud to yourself:

"I See Fear As The Fuel For My Success & Take Bold Action Inspite Of Fear"


Check in with your emotions throughout the day & whenever you feel fear practice bringing more of your presence to it by leaning into with small, safe & comfortable steps.

When you catch yourself worrying or caught up in dread or fearful thoughts, return to this exercise as often as you can remembering the food you most require for the soul at this time is loving compassion.

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