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5min | Lateral Neck Stretch | Monthly Mind Miracle

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Welcome to my "Monthly Mind Miracle" soul family... This month I want us all to focus on clearing any density & low vibrations from the neck & shoulder area. It's an area we often hold a lot of tension and store frustration, irritability & anger.

Use this 5min practice daily for the next 30days to shift any Mental, Emotional & Physical blocks stored in the cellular memory.

MedYoga therapy is designed to raise your vibrational frequency so that you can attract, create & manifest through heart-powered leadership.

Namaste & thank you for doing the work!

Watch Video Below...

Practice this for just 5mins every day for the next 30 days for the best results.

Consistency is powerful & builds trust with the mind & body connection.
Taking small manageable steps each & every day leads to big shifts, stronger foundations & greater transformation for ourselves! Find 5mins a day for this, the rewards are worth it.

These challenges will affect what you create, manifest & attract vibrationally.

Are you up for this challenge?
Let me know...

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