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5min | Lateral Neck Stretch | Monthly Mind Miracle


Welcome to my "Monthly Mind Miracle" soul family... This month we're focusing on releasing tension from the neck & shoulders.

This is an area we tend to block the flow of feelings such as irritability, frustration, anger, impatience, annoyance, etc.

Yet this is your body's intelligent way of trying to clear wounds within the heart...

Use this 5min practice daily for the next 30days to shift any Mental, Emotional & Physical blocks stored in the cellular memory.

MedYoga therapy is designed to raise your vibrational frequency so that you can attract, create & manifest through heart-powered leadership.

Namaste & thank you for doing the work!

Watch Video Below...

Practice this for just 5mins every day for the next 30 days for the best results.

Consistency is powerful & builds trust with the mind & body connection.
Taking small manageable steps each & every day leads to big shifts, stronger foundations & greater transformation for ourselves! Find 5mins a day for this, the rewards are worth it.

These challenges will affect what you create, manifest & attract vibrationally.

Are you up for this challenge?
Let me know...

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Every emotion we experience is first felt within the heart chakra & is an indicator of our unresolved trauma, current thinking, consciousness & belief systems & results in the extent to which we allow/ are in alignment with our True Self/ Liberated Self/ Authentic Self/ Highest Vibration.

Your heart will dump emotions into different parts of the body to try & stay open and not become blocked or closed as this pushes the Soul out of its home!!!!! - which inevitably leads to the human experience of suffering, unfulfillment & disconnection.

Despite your life's challenges it is the will of your heart to remain open. In fact, because of your life's challenges, you are being called to awaken your potential for self-mastery.

Mastery/ Enlightenment is the full expression & embodiment of your Higher Self/ Soul - which allows the highest vibration of Source/Divine Love through the human vehicle by transforming emotions to higher and higher frequencies through unconditional love, peace & acceptance of low frequencies.

Whenever we unconsciously choose against this power, we push against the Laws Of The Universe/ Nature. We make ourselves powerless to the mind & external conditions.

It IS the will of your heart to remain open, yet this is not the same agenda as your mind. So let's start practicing listening to the heart first & allowing it to purge where the mind has taken the reins (ego, fear, judgment, separation, blame, greed, victim, lack etc)

This simple daily practice will help shift energy that is stuck in the neck & shoulders so that chi/prana/life force that is trapped within the heart can start moving freely to your brain, mind, body & outwards into your life and relationships.

These challenges are all focused on opening & expanding the Heart which is the root for living a Mentally, Emotionally, Physically & Spiritually rich life.

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