Monthly Mind Miracle (1)

5min | Abundance Activator | Monthly Mind Miracle

Welcome to your "Monthly Mind Miracle"...

This month I'm introducing you to "The Abundance Activator" - 5min exercise.

When we're not receiving abundantly in areas of our life, the cause is simply a belief that has been passed down to us that is not in alignment with Universal flow. We may have chosen this as a karmic lesson in humility, acceptance or self-empowerment.

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Karma is simply an unconscious memory & pattern that is still on repeat and not fully integrated back to the light of consciousness. In fact, you can dissipate negative karma by focusing your attention on creating positive karma. Positivity has much more power than negativity.

Abundance blocks/ Lack beliefs held deep within the subconscious mind fester as weeds creating blocks within our wealth, prosperity, joy, love & abundance. The majority of these beliefs have been absorbed as an energetic pattern before the age of 7yrs old which is when we are predominantly still in the Theta brain wave state.

It is possible to re-wire this programming, delete these fear-based agendas for expansive beliefs & step into a vibration more aligned to the True Self which is naturally exuding abundance.

Energy clearing & meditation is a powerful gift to elevate your energy for abundance, transform these weeds & start to reprogram the mind for liberation. Through this space, we reconnect with the universe's natural source of health, well-being & abundance whilst re-wiring the brains neurological pathways to go towards what we want to manifest & not what we don't.

A few questions to ask yourself...

Where is abundance currently flowing into my life? Where is abundance not flowing effortlessly in my life? How might I be blocking abundance? What beliefs have been passed down to me about receiving abundantly? Is money an issue in my life? Is love an issue in life? Is fulfillment an issue in life? Is joy an issue in my life? Where is abundance an issue in my life? Where does lack rule my life? (money, time, compassion, energy, love etc)

Self awareness & self enquiry are great tools to develop on your awakening & ascension journey. If you would like support to dive deeper, come join us in "The Lighthouse" below...

In the meantime, enjoy the following exercise to raise your abundance vibe!

This exercise is intended to be extremely simple which is precisely why it's so powerful & often ignored. The human brain & human ego often only feels powerful in complexity. This can be a great skill & gift when we also understand the brain needs to rest, detox & repair as it has a very high metabolic rate.

The exercise slows the brain waves down to the Alpha state using the breath which is a much more embodied & receptive state allowing us to access more of the potential that lies dormant within our subconscious mind.

When we feel more embodied we are much more open to life, able to face our challenges head-on & move through difficult emotions without resisting & creating blocks to love, flow & abundance.


"Gratitude Is The Open Door To Abundance"

Use as your daily mantra for the next raise your vibration & energetic frequency.

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