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5min | Leaves On A Stream | Mindfulness Practise 1


Nature is always offering us the opportunity to re-connect with our inner being.

Our inner being/ soul/ higher self is that aspect of ourselves that doesn't identify with the ramblings of the mind. When we step back from identification with our thoughts we create space. Through this space, we reconnect with the universe's natural source of health, well-being & abundance.

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This month I'm introducing you to a very simple 5min mindfulness practice to de-stress, relax & re-fuel. This is a wonderful exercise to bring calm, peace & harmony back to the mental & emotional bodies as well as exercise your presence & awareness muscles by practicing detachment from thoughts.

This exercise is intended to be extremely simple which is precisely why it's so powerful & often ignored. The human brain & human ego often only feels powerful in complexity. This can be a great skill & gift when we also understand the brain needs to rest, detox & repair as it has a very high metabolic rate.

The leaf on a stream exercise slows the brain waves down to the Alpha state using the breath which is a much more embodied & receptive state allowing us to access more of the potential that lies dormant within our subconscious mind.

When we feel more embodied we are much more open to life, able to face our challenges head-on & move through difficult emotions without resisting & creating blocks or potential disease.

This guided mindfulness meditation will leave you feeling much calmer, present & dissolve any tension you have accumulated throughout the day as well as maintain your daily detoxification of the brain so you can keep your creative juices flowing.


This exercise will help you to...

- Manage your daily stress levels,
- Find relief from anxiety, overwhelm & compulsive thinking,
- Exercise your mindfulness, awareness & attention muscles,
- Raise your frequency & clean your energy body,
- Open to healing mentally, emotionally & physically,
- Increase your energy, well-being & flow state

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