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When you approach the world as a vibrational reality rather than a physical space, that's when your desires become reality. When you're able to access the energy of abundance and have faith that the Universe always provides, you can begin to feel your desire come into form before it shows up in the physical world. The key to manifesting from the soul is embodying the heart fully & affirming daily" "I love you heart"...

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When picking a thing to manifest, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I really want this, in my heart of hearts?
  • How will I benefit from having this?
  • When I think about having this, does it feel right?
  • How will it be good for me and for others?


This exercise is intended to be extremely simple which is precisely why it's so powerful & often ignored. The human brain & human ego often only feels powerful in complexity. This can be a great skill & gift when we also understand the brain needs to rest, detox & repair as it has a very high metabolic rate.

The exercise slows the brain waves down to the Alpha state using the breath which is a much more embodied & receptive state allowing us to access more of the potential that lies dormant within our subconscious mind.

When we feel more embodied we are much more open to life, able to face our challenges head-on & move through difficult emotions without resisting & creating blocks to love, flow & abundance.


"I Open My Heart To The Great Flow Of Abundance Of My Life"

Use as your daily mantra for the next raise your vibration & energetic frequency.

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