Monthly Mind Miracle (1)

5min | Just Relax


Welcome to this month's "Mind Miracle"...

How easy do you find it to completely relax?

To rest into your feminine energy, switch off from decision making, planning & your to-do list?

It can be quite a challenge in today's society as we have been conditioned to believe doing is of more value than being which in fact is a false premise.

So, let's take a moment to find a comfortable position, relax into the body & close the eyes...I'm going to take you on a short 5 min journey to calm your nervous system, relax your brain & unlock the power of being-ness. We're going to use just two powerful words "Just Relax" & explore how the body responds to this conscious command.

You are far more powerful than you know!

Listen To The Below Audio Daily...


I want you to commit to this audio recording every day for the rest of the month so you can get maximum benefits as we start to reprogram your subconscious mind.


This exercise will help you to...

- Manage your daily stress levels,
- Find relief from anxiety, overwhelm & compulsive thinking,
- Exercise your mindfulness, awareness & attention muscles,
- Raise your frequency & clean your energy body,
- Open to healing mentally, emotionally & physically,
- Increase your energy, well-being & flow state


Everything is energy - that's all there really is.

The entire universe is made up of energy, we are energy, everything is energy - even our thoughts & words are energy. We can never create new energy & nor can energy ever actually die either. It can only ever change form.

Energy pulsates & vibrates which we refer to as frequency. Sometimes this frequency is a high frequency which means it vibrates at high speed. Energy at a lower density means it pulsates & vibrates slower.

From a manifestation point of view, the quicker the speed of energy, the quicker the manifestations come into form. If we aren't responsible or skilled in the art of energy management it serves us more for the energy to be at a lower density although it's not half as much fun as high-speed energies. Learning to become skilled in energy management gives us the opportunity to play more with the universe as a co-creator without bumping around so much. It takes patience, self-love & mastery of the mind, body & emotions.

In this month's mind miracle, I want to take you on a short journey to remind you of your power to influence energy so you can become much more conscious and deliberate about transforming energies to create a positive impact in your life, health, relationships & business.

What we focus on we create. Energy goes towards where we direct our focus so this exercise will help you develop more skill at focusing your attention on that which you wish to create rather than which you don't.

You will end up exactly where your predominant focus is - whether this is conscious or unconscious - it doesn't matter. You will arrive where the energy is being flowed or where it's getting stuck. Learning to shift your focus takes a daily discipline of awareness, presence & consciousness. The more you exercise these muscles, the more skillfully you can steer safely, calmly & confidently.

All words have different energies that impact our mental, emotional & physical state. Our mental, emotional & physical body is the form through which we co-create with the universe so it's essential we understand energy & vibration.


Let's give it a go...take your attention to a part of the body, emotion or thought where there is perhaps some tension, disease or imbalance.

Have a play around with different words, perhaps: love, calm, release, joy, happy, peace, fun, safe, stable, centered etc etc


**Take 5mins every day this month to unlock the power of these two words: JUST RELAX.


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