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5min | The Frog Pose | Monthly Mind Miracle

Welcome to my "Monthly Mind Miracle" soul family...

This month I invite you to try the frog pose!

A simple yet intensive pose that brings length to the spine, opens the hips and surrenders the heart. Before attempting this pose, ensure your knees are warm and are able to bend completely, you may want padding or a blanket under the knees.

Mandu = frog, Asana = pose

Use daily for the next 30days to really see & feel your progress! - Just 5mins - you got this!

Watch Video Below...

This is the first & second of the 7 main chakras & an area we often hold a lot of fear, anxiety & anger associated with trauma from our own, collective & ancestral line linked to safety, violation & abuse. This can block the flow of prana from flowing freely in the sacral (our creativity, sensuality, sexuality & pleasure) to the heart so can lead to lower vibrational manifestations.


A blocked root chakra impacts us in so many ways and as we heal and evolve we learn how to flow this energy upwards so our creations are co-creations with Mother Earth & The Divine rather than blocked energy (ego & fear)


Physical Benefits:

Opens the chest, heart and shoulders. Improves posture, strengthens the back muscles & improves circulation in hips and thighs.

Energetic Benefits:

Relieves stress, anxiety & tension. Encourages downward energy (apana).

Mudra 4 Meditation: Dhyana Mudra Place the right hand over the left with the thumbs slightly touching, creating an oval. This mudra helps develop inner concentration and focus.

Mantra: “Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung” This well-known mantra can be used to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. This mantra connects us with the healing powers of Mother Earth and the Universe.

Reciting this mantra jus before & after the frog pose can help ease you into a calm state of healing. It is also used to aid in strengthening and healing the mind and emotions, making it a great complement for those who are hoping to overcome traumas. Hold for up to two-five minutes, then gently release to child’s pose.

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Taking small manageable steps each & every day leads to big shifts, stronger foundations & greater transformation for ourselves! Find 5mins a day for this, the rewards are worth it.


These challenges will affect what you create, manifest & attract vibrationally.

I hope you can join me...

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