💖 Monthly Mind Miracle | Aug 2020

5min | Twisted Lizard

💖 Welcome to this month's "5min Mind Miracle"...

Twisted Lizard = Sanskrit Name = Uttan Pristhasana

A challenging intermediate pose that builds presence, focus & balance as well as support the body.


👉 Lizard Pose is a great way to stretch your hamstrings, hip flexors, and quadriceps.

👉 Strengthening these muscle groups will help you maintain a full range of motion.

👉 A slow, deep stretch in these muscles can help alleviate pain, release tension, and prevent injury both in your yoga practice and your everyday life.

👉 Use daily for the next 30 days to really see & feel your progress! - you got this!

👉 Start with just 5-10 breaths each side & gently build up mindfully,

👉 Aim for 2-5mins each side & then gently release to savasana/ corpse pose,

👉 Use either deep abdominal breathing or anapana breathing

👉 Use the suggested meditation mudra or mantra before or/& after your practice,

Benefits Below...

***Do not practice if you have a recent hip or ankle/ foot injury,

You may want to skip the pose if:

  • You have sciatica or other lower back problems
  • If you have a wrist or hand injury
  • You're recovering from surgery involving your neck, knees, feet, hips, arms, or hands
  • You have instability or weakness in your shoulders, forearms, wrists, or hands

***Warm up with Downward Dog/ warm down with Childs pose


👉 Physical Benefits:

Opens & expands the hips, groin, glutes & spinal column,

Gently stretches & relieves tension from hamstrings,

Brings increased flow of oxygen, and release of carbon dioxide from/ to the brain,

Releases nervous tension, anxiety relief & soothes emotions (depression/ fear/ worry)


👉 Energetic Benefits

Calms the energy body, emotional body & mental body,

Infuses the aura with the powerful energy of confidence, balance & focus,

Increases flow up through the root/ base chakra to the crown & third eye,

Improves mood, self-belief & confidence,


👉 Mental Benefits

Relieves stress, anxiety & compulsive thinking,

Develops mindfulness, presence & ability to stay in the present moment,

Creates space with the subconscious mind for new creative ideas,

Strengthens the "Observer Self" taking you out of reaction to the world,

Improves your manifestation & co-creation skills through focus, attention & awareness,

Increases receptivity, allowing more flow, receptivity & abundance,

Relieves brain fog, confusion & increases clarity and vision,


💖Suggested Mudra before or after pose: Shunya Mudra (5-10mins in meditation)

Touch the tip of the middle finger on the base of the thumb & apply light pressure with the thumb. Extend the other 3 fingers.

There are a large number of nerve endings within the hands which make them extremely sensitive to touch, allowing & feeling the energy flow/ chi/ prana. Shunya Mudra is known to Improve hearing & can be restorative for throat & thyroid conditions.

Each mudra is associated with the particular attributes of specific deities & each finger represents one of the 5 elements. Anjali or Namaste mudra represents our inter-connectedness, gratitude & honoring of the light within each other, reminding us of the divine presence within ourselves & all beings.


💖Suggested Mantra: Sat Nam x 7 or 108 times during meditation

Sat means Truth—the reality of one’s existence. Nam means name or identity. It instantly attunes us to our highest self. Sat Nam affirms that Truth is our Identity.

When we say Sat Nam to each other, we are acknowledging our mutual divine identity. Cleanses the mind & activates the energy that erases & establishes habits. Neutralises tension & works on the glandular system,


To your Awakening & Ascension!

Love, Davinder x


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