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Meditation is an absolute non-negotiable daily practice for me and is, in my opinion, the simplest way to realign our health, desires, relationships & business success to a higher potential.

The 7 Keys Meditation is a tool/ process/ strategy, that has been designed to unlock powerful creativity, energy & ideas through transforming deep unconscious mental, emotional & physical blocks enabling us to uplevel the ways in which chi flows through our energy field affecting how we're showing up in life and thus impacting the world.

The 7 Keys Meditation trains the mind to enter the ‘Alpha - Theta mind states’ which are associated with higher states of consciousness as well as laying a powerful foundation to safely purge trauma, PTSD & disease held within the cellular memory of the body.

These states when activated lift the energy vibration of unhealthy/ toxic cells to higher vibrations resulting in improved health & wellbeing, divinely orchestrated manifestations, increased energy, deeper intuitive work, and a richer & more fulfilling connection with life, spirit & the universe.

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10min | 7 Keys Meditation: Breathing: Part 2

7 Steps To Get Started With A Meditation Practice


1. Create A Tranquil Environment

For successful meditation, you’re going to need a quiet environment in which to practice. Background noise, such as the television and radio, will cause distraction and disrupt your train of thought. Instead consider peaceful, tranquil and meditation friendly audio and music.

It’s also best to choose a fairly cool to a warm area to meditate. Being too cold or too hot won’t allow you to concentrate, so make sure you’re in a suitable area where you won’t be disturbed.


2. Set Up Your Altar

You can also create an altar, with the lovely things that help you to relax and tune in - perhaps it’s a delicious scented candle, or essential oils, crystals, your favourite card deck, anything that helps you feel calm and peaceful. I have small objects that are tokens of love on my alter - anything that reminds me I am loved & what/ who I love.


3. Sit Comfortably

To meditate, you’ll need to find a comfortable position in which to sit for ten to fifteen minutes. You don’t need to adopt a specific position if you’re going to find it hard to adapt. Generally, the regular position for meditation is with crossed legs and hands on your lap. However, if you struggle with this at first, find a position you are comfortable with...or sit on a chair.  Just ensure that you’re not slouching.



4. Breathe

Focusing on your breathing is an important process in meditation. However, you want it to be natural. Start by closing your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Let it begin with shallow breaths, and just continue to breathe for a few minutes. Your intake of breath will become deeper as you progress. Take your time to breathe slowly but there is no need to control or force it. It will return to it’s natural rhythm the more you surrender & let go.


5. Be Kind To Your Wandering Mind

Now as you do this, you might notice that your mind may start to wander. You may start thinking about other things. If this happens, it’s not a problem. It’s very natural. Just notice that your mind has wandered. You can say “thinking” or “wandering” in your head softly. And then gently redirect your attention right back to the breathing as if you were lovingly guiding a child back.


6. Stay Here For Five To Fifteen Minutes

Notice your breath, in silence. From time to time, you’ll get lost in thought, then return to your breath. You might want to start with 3mins then build up gradually. It’s more beneficial to have consistency & daily 5min meditations than force yourself into 1 weekly hour-long mediations.

As the mind starts to slow down, you’ll start to become much more sensitive. The longer you stay present (quality not quantity) the more you’ll unlock deep-rooted emotions. Simply allow these feelings to move through you, observe their physical sensations within the body/ cellular memory with compassion so they can be free up space in your energy field for higher consciousness/potential/energy/ divine manifestations.

Consciousness has the power to affect the DNA & transform cells back to health.


7. Check-In Before You Check Out

After a few minutes, once again notice your body, your whole body, seated here. Let yourself relax even more deeply and then offer yourself some appreciation for doing this practice today.

You will have created a shift in your energy vibration, even if you only sat with a few minutes of focused attention. Initially, you may become more aware of the aches, pains, discomfort or the manic monkey mind. That’s quite normal and part of the process. Awareness is step 1 to creating change so don’t give up.

Before you come out of your mediation ensure you champion yourself & don’t judge the experience. Accept it for what it is as it will always be different.





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