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7 Tips To Activate Your Divine Feminine Power

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Divine feminine energy is the goddess energy we all carry within us- regardless of gender. It's the energy you probably most relate to as flow, trust, ease, surrender, being, intimacy, connection, vulnerability,'s the moon energy.

This energy is also referred to as "Shakti/ Shiva/ Kundalini/ Quan Yin/ Divine Mother" representing the elevated ego diminished, non harming, purified state of transcendence over the restless, compulsive & judgemental mind. This is the energy that has worked with me through my client work, business & my channellings for much of my spiritual journey.

We all carry divine masculine & divine feminine energies within us but they are not always supportive of one another! Whether you're male or female it would benefit you greatly to establish where you might be out of balance within these two energies and what action steps you can take to nurture yourself back to a state of union.

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When the divine feminine & divine masculine within us are balanced, life is harmonious, we feel supported, secure, nourished, liberated, autonomous & adventurous. This allows us to whole heartedly enjoy the journey of life as it enfolds whilst still moving towards a potential that allows us to express more & more of who we truly are.

However, many of us carry unhealed wounds from our childhood, from our parents, ancestral lineage, collective belief system & past lives that have left us fragmented in parts to our male & female energies. Any fragmentation diminishes our light/ energy/ power - this affects the quality of our life, health, relationships, creativity, self expression & contribution to the world.

We've often been given conflicting or unhealthy messages about how to meet the needs of the male & female within us. Much of how we find ourselves behaving has been conditioned by what we saw modelled in our parents/ adult/ society. In an attempt to fit in & be approved of/ validated, we can stay in unfulfilling relationships or environments that eventually drain our energy rather than lift us higher.

This can often lead to inner conflict, frustration, insecurity, indecision, the "yes" - "no" pull, resistance & the self sabotage that kicks in when you take a step out of your comfort zone or try to make a positive change.

When we don't heal the split/ wounded parts of the masculine/ feminine this plays out in life & the world stage as over "controlling" behaviour, manipulation, power struggles, conflict, war, sabotage, terrorism, starvation, poverty, fear, judgement, avoidance, loneliness, - any separation and dis-connection from heart to heart communication, vulnerability & true soul connection. Nothing can thrive here.

The divine feminine energy - also referred to as "Shakti/ Kundalini" is a state through which awareness is connected to the wisdom of the heart, to the universal laws of nature & reverence for all of life.

As a collective we're being called to re-address any male/ female - mother/ father wounds that still require healing. This requires getting very honest with yourself about how you show up in relationships, how you give in relationships, how you receive in relationships, who you BE in relationships & whether you are honouring your TRUE soul needs, wants & desires...not your EGO's.

When you come into healing, forgiveness & divine alignment with both male & female you come back into relationship with yourself. This merging of male & female within you is the ecstasy you are looking for which when embodied fully manifests out into the world as your divine mission/ life purpose.

This in fact is an incredibly powerful energy which you will become much more familiar with in your life & on the planet. It's our next phase of evolution. The male energy which has been over dominant in the world will be healed through the powerful love & rising up of power within the feminine. There is a huge call for men to own their feelings & emotions & trust the feminine to hold this space for them and vice versa. In this union there is no more competition, masks dissolve & service work can enfold.

My coaching, workshops & healing programs can support you to find this balance within you. It's a powerful way to redesign your life & business. Its also a wonderful opportunity for yourself or your partner to move into your true soul lead life. 

The Fourth Wind

"The Future Of The World Depends On The Full Restoration Of The Sacred Feminine In All It's Tenderness, Passion, Divine Ferocity & Surrendered Persistence" (AHarvey)


"The Rise Of The Feminine Within Us All Will Heal The World"

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