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7 Tools To Manage Grief, Shock & Heart-Break

Today I'm inviting you to connect with me in our collective grief. With the current events playing out on the world stage I know you are hurting, I understand & feel your pain.

During these times it's important to feel what you feel, to not bury or suppress any of your emotions.

The collective heart of humanity is screaming out to be seen, heard & felt. Now is our time to pay attention, heal & transform this pain deep within our individual & collective hearts & alchemise whatever we might find here back to peace, acceptance & love.

There is no individual on this planet that has not/ will not experience pain, heartbreak, struggle, or suffering. Let this unite us, bring us together in our rawness, invoke compassion & not let it divide, separate & isolate us.


7 Tips/ Tools To Manage Your Grief, Shock & Heart-Break...

1). Breathe


Breathe so you can deal with & stay present to what you feel. The breath is the anchor to keep you grounded in the body so that you can pay attention, listen & allow compassion to meet your uncomfortable feelings. Without the breath, we escalate up to the mind, vacate the body, lose our grounding &/or zone out which creates more pain, rejection & abandonment to the part of our being that desperately needs us.


Rest in the body & stay out of the mind to reserve energy & practice making your body your home so you can find a place of stability, warmth & connection at ground level.


So breathe, breathe & breathe your way into the cells, tissues & body so that your body can purge from a deep cellular level. It is only through the body we can complete our healing process and return to our natural state & higher vibrational frequency.


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2). Feel What You Feel


We've been conditioned by society that time is a resource that is lacking & so we often don't give ourselves the time & space it really takes to heal our wounds, pain & trauma.

Use this time to go within & feel whatever you feel without rushing, judging, or trying to change and fix anything. Simply allow the space to bring to the surface all that is ready to be loved by you, no matter how uncomfortable or painful, you are powerful enough to bring your love to it.

Any emotion that has come to you has been sent to you from the divine & is simply asking you to be the one to welcome & accept it, so that it may be freed & return to the light.

Whether its sadness, anger, rage, hopelessness, fear, lean in towards it and as you grow in presence your light will also grow which is the spark for transformation & miracles.


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3). Star Of Bethlehem


Bach Original Flower Remedies Star of Bethlehem is a natural flower remedy designed for those in great distress under conditions which for a time produce great unhappiness. The shock of serious news, the loss of someone dear, the fright following an accident, and such like.


I have been using it over the last 2mths during lockdown to help me deal with what's happening out in the world right now & also to face the grief that has been wanting to move through my heart from the sudden death of my brother (aged 11yrs) over 20yrs ago.


Moments like this can bring to the surface wounds that haven't been fully allowed to move through the body & not yet been fully felt, healed & made peace with.


I wasn't equipped to deal with the loss of my brother at the time it happened & have experienced the most intense pain, grief & debilitating heartbreak over the lockdown period. It's natural to experience aftershocks way after they happened in your life through triggers around you/ in life/ world affairs.


Star of Bethlehem is one of the remedies in the traditional crisis formula.

It is the remedy for the after-effects of shock, such as is caused by unexpected bad news or any unexpected and unwelcome event.

It can be used just as well for the effects of a shock received many years ago, even very early in childhood.

This is also the remedy for that sense of emptiness and loss that sometimes occurs when a loved one dies or moves away.

Star of Bethlehem is a comforting remedy to take in such circumstances.


4). Use An Affirmation To Ground You


I Am a warrior.

I Am a stand for truth and honor.

I confront and stare down the darkness.

I Am a Spiritual Warrior of light.

Let there be light.
Let there be light in my mind.
Let there be light in my heart

Let there be light in my life.
Let there be light in the world because the light will cast out all darkness.
Let there be light.

The truth is the light.

(Iyanla Vanzant)



5). MedYoga 4 Grief, Shock & Heart-Break


When the heart is suffering it can be really tough to think about exercise, movement or walking even as grief takes A LOT of energy!!! I do not ever recommend your usual form of exercise when you are faced with massive emotional challenges. Emotions require a very different form of exercise than what the ego-mind requires.


Do not force anything, instead of placing expectations on yourself, give yourself full permission to crash! - let go & know you will rise.

We presume, even in yoga it would be good to do some heart opening & heart expansion exercises for grief but I do not advise this. Be gentle, slow & mindful, and do not rush your healing.

The more you give yourself permission to be exactly as you need to be, the sooner you heal & transform layers and layers.


This is a time where it is important you connect to your inner world, listen to your heart & build skills in self-compassion, kindness to self & staying present with the heart.


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6). Use The Bija Mantra - YAM (Sound)


Bija mantras are seed sounds that resonate at certain frequencies & vibrations... 

Use the sound YAM (for the Heart) to bring this chakra back to it's most natural, wholesome & healthy state. You can chant this sound silently or out loud and feel the sound sink deep into the back & front of the heart space. This exercise can be practiced as often as you like, chanting YAM x7 every morning, afternoon & evening to bring comfort, softness & healing to any grief, shock or heartbreak.

"AH" is the sound of the Heart Chakra, so you might also like to place your hands, palms facing down over the heart, closing the eyes, take 3x breaths into the heart or gently tap with fingertips onto the heart to bring your consciousness to this space. Then allow this sound to penetrate deep into any wounds, pain or trauma within the heart, around the lungs & chest area.



7). Soothe The Heart Chakra


We have 7 main chakras, the heart is the home for the soul, inner child & where the Divine Father & Divine Mother meet. When we experience grief, shock or heartbreak we can feel disconnected from the warmth, comfort & safety these energies often provide us, leaving us feeling numb, disconnected or unable to cope with the pain/ discomfort.

No matter what happens in life, it is the will of the heart to remain open. Green & baby pink are the colours of the Heart Chakra so I recommend literally wearing these colours during this time as well as looking for crystals (amethyst, rose quartz, pink rhodonite, lepidolite) organic plant based foods & aspects of nature that exude these colours. Colour is extremely healing & helps to increase the vibrational frequency of the chakra, pulling to the surface anything that is ready to be let go of, naturally & organically in time with the soul's needs.


Grief can be scary, sometimes life can be scary! - Often we forget what we need most is love, time & connection. The Lighthouse is a safe space to join an incredible heart-powered community to journey with through life's many challenges.


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