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10 Tips For Building Self Trust

"It's Not How Much You Do But The Power Of Your Presence That Determines Your Success In Life"

Davinder Ojalla - The Lightworker Coach

When we trust ourselves, we trust life & others. It doesn’t mean we blindly trust but it means we trust ourselves enough to use discernment, boundaries & self love when making choices in life. We ensure we have our best interest at heart when making choices for ourselves. We ensure we take another’s best interest as our own best interest when in relationship to another.

From this space, we do not judge others who are not able to meet our requirements, instead we are able to voice our truth, needs & wants with love and compassion. Not everyone will be a match for this and it’s okay to let them go without reaction. Those that match your frequency will stay & be willing to move towards a mutual solution.

Trusting yourself is one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself & others in your life as it impacts those you interact with & how much you can give. Self trust speeds up transformation, healing & moves you into an empowered state. It is the foundation to all else. Self trust is an energy that attracts rather than repels.

Learning to trust yourself with yourself is worth the pot of gold at the end. It takes time but is worth your investment.

Good luck & enjoy the ride.

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1. Pay Attention To Your Feelings & Needs

So often we ignore, suppress or resist our feelings & needs. Each time we do this we are abandoning ourselves. It really is essential that we slow down enough to be fully present in our bodies & master the art of staying present even when the mind is attacking or fearful/ painful/ uncomfortable emotions, feelings & sensations arise.

Would you trust someone that kept running each time you need some attention, to be seen & heard? In order to trust ourselves we need to feel confident that we are safe with ourselves. Safety comes from tuning into, listening & responding to our needs.

This allows us to re-parent the aspects of our inner child that still need healing & support to move into adulthood with an open & trusting heart.

2. Be Yourself

If you fear how others will look at you or judge you, you might find it difficult to be yourself around other people. Acting like a different person than who you really are is in fact self betrayal. Other people will be able to sense that & will feel repelled by the smell of inauthenticity. Start to catch when you are wearing a mask & simply acknowledge without judgement - compassion will dissolve it.

Once you can be yourself around other people, they’ll treat you with more trust. This can help you build up your trust in yourself. Be imperfectly perfect.

3. Find People You Trust

Surround yourself with them. Look out for those that model relationships & lifestyles that ooze genuine & authentic living. Find role models that strengthen your conviction that the world is a safe, kind & supportive place.

Find groups where you are encouraged to drop the mask, be real & start connecting and reaching out to others that model where you would like to be. The more you feel connected and safe with the people in your life, the more comfortable you will feel with yourself.

4. Be Trustworthy

If you want to trust yourself, be trustworthy with others. Try to give what you would like to receive, whether it is acceptance, forgiveness, kindness, availability, empathy, counsel, or simply a quiet presence. Learning to recognise what your loved ones, friends and family need from you takes a deep level of listening, intuition & awareness. This is a muscle that needs building & exercising through time. It won’t happen overnight. Use MedYoga & Meditation to develop this skill.

Give what you can, when you can - without sacrificing yourself.

5. Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries is part of any caring relationship; and negotiating “needs” help you know, understand and trust yourself. This helps others know and trust you as well & vice versa. Self doubt, trauma, space violation can often impede this area of growth, yet this can be overcome and turned around.

Find someone you feel really safe with to practise on at first. Let them know what you're doing & practising with so they can hold the space for you to step into your confidence more fully before trying with others.

6. Set Reasonable Goals

Often, instead of trying to complete a project in two weeks, we try to do it in one week. Setting our goals high can be a good thing, because it motivates us to work hard & stay focused on creating & manifesting what we want.

Unfortunately, setting goals that are too ambitious has a major downside. When we don’t reach our overly exaggerated big goals, we may experience failure. Failing often can reduce our self-confidence and the ability to trust ourselves.

Instead of setting one massive goal, try setting many little goals that put you in the direction of your big goal. Doing so will make your big goal more realistic. You’ll also gain confidence and trust in yourself while accomplishing the smaller goals along the way. Take one small step at a time & enjoy the process of focused attention.

7. Be Compassionate To Yourself

Loving yourself unconditionally means releasing negative thoughts about yourself, self judgement and any self-criticism when you make mistakes. Start by keeping a close eye on your inner voice, the inner gremlin & how it reacts to you.  Is it kind or mean? Is it accepting or critical? When you can love yourself unconditionally, you can trust yourself unconditionally. And that builds a bucket full of confidence.

8. Build On Your Strengths

Trusting yourself means being feeling safe & free to attempt to do all kinds of things without judging yourself too harshly, even if it goes awry.

If you’re looking to build trust with yourself, it can be helpful to do more of the things that you’re good at and less of the things that you aren’t so great at. Spend more time doing those things and building your trust knowing you’ll excel at those things. Be accepting of your strengths, as well as your weaknesses.

9. Spend Time With Yourself

When you don’t trust yourself, you might feel uncomfortable spending time looking inward. You might try to keep busy all day by constantly getting involved in activities or thinking about small things outside of yourself. Break the habit of looking away from yourself by patiently looking inward using journalling, meditation & medyoga.

Try sitting with yourself in a quiet place for 5 to 15 minutes each day. Pay close attention to your breath and body. Allow any thoughts, self judgement or self-criticism to pass by, acknowledge them and then let them go. Allowing time for this important one-on-one with yourself can build up your self-trust. Stop running from uncomfortable feelings.

10. Be Decisive

We lack trust in ourselves when we constantly question our actions or decisions or seek to find answers from others without first checking in with ourselves. Sometimes we might even question who we are, what we want & even what we need.

Build trust in yourself by breaking your habit of questioning your decisions. Next time you make a choice, stick with it. Even if it turns out not to be the best choice, there’s no use beating yourself up over the decision you made.

The best you can do is to learn from your mistakes. Believe that you’ll make a better choice next time, and move on. Doing so will help you learn to be more trusting of yourself and your decision-making skills.

Final Thoughts...

When we trust ourselves, we do not manipulate, control or fall into being a victim as we know and trust our feminine power is good. Learning to deepen your sense of self trust allows you to much more embody & authentically live from your true feminine essence without masks, competition, manipulation or resistance. You're able to flow more effortlessly with life’s agenda rather than the ego's building a strong sense of inner guidance, emotional awareness and intuition.

Trusting yourself is one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself & others in your life as it impacts those you interact with & how much you can give. Self trust speeds up transformation, healing & moves you into an empowered state. It is the foundation to all else. Self trust is an energy that attracts rather than repels.

Leaning into trusting others & allowing others to meet your needs allows you to grow in confidence & build your inner resources to remaining stable & connected whatever the outcome. Having a solid inner foundation of trust & connection allows you to have choice & your actions will come from the heart.

Be kind to yourself whilst on the journey as you will have a few bumps & scratches until you are right there, deeply seated in your home/ heart, fully embodied & your soul is the driver!

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