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Writing A Love Letter To Your Future Self

new Years Ritual - 2020 (2)

Writing a love letter to your future self is a creative & fun exercise that allows you to connect more deeply to your heart, listen to the whispers of your soul, reflect on your current life as well as set some soulful goals for your future.

Your mental state plays a huge role in your physical & emotional health which combined, create your life situation and your level of fulfillment. There is an art to being fully present in the now & looking ahead with anticipation of possibilities rather than with dread.

A powerfully intended vision creates a gravitational pull to keep us expanding and moving forwards especially through life’s greater challenges, without which we can easily fall into hopelessness, stagnancy/ stuckness.

My absolute passion as a spiritual mentor for soulful business owners, visionaries, creatives, leaders & heart-centered individuals is sharing tools to ensure the MIND aligns with the true wisdom & needs of the BODY, HEART & SOUL.

Writing A Love Letter To Your Future Self...

This exercise will help you...


  • Strengthen & recondition your mind positively,
  • Open your visionary eye (3rd eye), 
  • Get real about what your heart really wants & desires for you next,
  • Challenge the mental blocks/ fears/ insecurities you may have against this,
  • Align to your Higher Self/ Future Self, (1yr, 5yr, 10yr or 15yrs from now)
  • Identify what that really looks like for you (not the approval of others),
  • Experience traveling through timelines & higher dimensions,
  • Set some realistic & way out goals that will act as a gravitational pull,
  • Feel much more confident, in control & accountable in life,
  • Inspire you to re-invoke your inner child & invite in adventure, play & fun,
  • Empower you to take leadership of your life’s creative masterpiece,




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new Years Ritual - 2020 (2)




"10 Steps To Writing A Love Letter To Your Future Self"

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