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Affirmations 4 Your Inner Child


When we get caught up in the busy-ness of life & business we tend to neglect the needs of our inner child & often de-prioritise it's existence until we hear the screams Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally &/or Physically.

Daily communion with your inner child allows you to stay connected & maintain a healthy, consistent & mindful awareness of the child within -we all have one & it's your FULL responsibility to ensure it's not neglected, ignored, or denied.

If it is, it will start to sabotage!

Daily messages & affirmations help to build a healthy, happy & harmonious relationship with the Adult Self & Child Self. This will reflect in your daily interactions, manifestations, relationships, success, fulfillment & richness in life. 

Sometimes just a little time, attention & kindness to ourselves is all we need to feel seen, felt & heard. This alone re-connects us to the Source of our being & re-anchors us back to our heart's natural state of abundance, peace, harmony, intimacy, love, joy & connection. These states can only be authentically activated from the heart space and aligning it with the mind.


Positive affirmations can make a HUGE difference in what you feel and therefore attract vibrationally. Affirmations help to counteract any imbalances & impurities within the mind or those moments when you're choosing unconsciously, eating unmindfully, self-sabotaging or caught in a negative pattern, conditioning or karmic cycle.


These inner child messages will support you in dissolving your reactions, making new empowered choices & thus transforming the karmic condition. This is hugely empowering and I have used this tool for hundreds of clients walking the path of self-liberation, healing & transformation.



As children, we take on many mistaken perceptions of life, ourselves & the world which results in creating a model of reality for ourselves that is not actually TRUTH.


One of the processes involved in healing the Inner Child is to free it from these false perceptions & beliefs and to start to steer to the potentials that do actually exist within an abundant, expansive & unlimited universe. 



To use affirmations successfully, it's necessary to some degree erase old programming as otherwise it's like listening to two records at the same time and whichever is the loudest wins but it's not going to be a very enjoyable experience.


Your free printable is to support you with messaging which can then lead to more powerful affirmations for strengthening, projecting & eliminating weeds in the subconscious mind.

Programming our minds with positive messages & affirmations is very important but it does not necessarily alone remove what is recorded, in particular where there has been abuse, neglect or trauma.


This is the art of meditation - in particular, "The 7 Keys Meditation" which has been designed to eliminate weeds within the unconscious mind, a trauma in the cellular memory & purge the pain body of personal & ancestral conditioning preventing you from freedom, love, joy & flow. Join me monthly to learn more @MedYoga School or my free community: World Meditation Circle


The 7 Keys meditation allows you to delve safely into the deep sea of unconsciousness and pull the weeds out so that you have space to record & allow new beliefs to be stored without inner conflict.


The 7 Keys allows you to get free from old mistaken beliefs mentally, emotionally & physically in particular where there are emotionally charged beliefs. However, this takes patience, persistence & commitment to want to transform & create a life you truly deserve.


Start with exploring the affirmations & messages on your printable this month. Pay attention to what the body feels & what emotions arise as you use these affirmations. In some instances, they may temporarily bring to the surface some unpleasant or disturbing feelings.


It is important to remember we do need them to rise to the surface as we are in fact experiencing these negative energies subconsciously or psychosomatically anyway. So the Observer self, presence power, a guide & support network are really useful to transition through this stage of awakening. It takes great mastery to consciously move energies from the unconscious/ subconscious to consciousness without resisting, fearing, or reacting negatively or even dangerously. 


Take the time to invest in this now & I promise this will pay off & serve you for years to come. Please remember the reason we want or do anything in life is how we think it will make us feel - so make FEELING GOOD your priority. 

All else will manifest from this.


The Lighthouse & MedYoga School are great platforms for you to start this journey!


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Namaste & thank you for doing this work lightworker!

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