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Alternative Nostril Breathing - Anuloma Viloma

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This exercise helps to calm the mind, making it lucid and steady, preparing it for meditation & supporting the purification of the nadis.

I recommend practising at least 10 rounds per day at home on a regular basis before going on to more advanced pranayama exercises. Prana, the vital energy is stored and controlled, the psychic system balanced & access to higher consciousness helps to heal, rejuvenate and detox impurities within the mind and body restoring a sense of lightness, ease & flow.

"When the breath wanders, ie. is irregular, the mind is also unsteady. But when the breath is still, so is the mind & the yogi lives long. So one should restrain the breath" Yoga Pradika.

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Physical Benefits

The lungs and entire respiratory system are cleansed & strengthened,

As exhalation is twice the time of inhalation, more stale air & waste products are expelled from the lungs,

During retention, the rate of gaseous exchange in the lungs is greatly increased as a result of the increase in pressure. This means more oxygen from the lungs goes into the blood stream and more C02 (& other waste products) from the blood are passed into the lungs for elimination during exhalation.

The breath naturally alternates between the two nostrils, changing approximately every 2hrs. The breath in the right nostril is hot, symbolically referred to as the "sun" or pingala. It is catabolic (breaks down) and acceleratory to the organs of the body. The flow from the left, which is cool and referred to as the "moon" or Ida, is anabolic (breaks down) and inhibitory to the body. Anuloma Viloma helps tp bring an equilibrium between the two.

Anuloma Viloma helps to balance the left & right hemispheres of the brain.



  • Do not practice with a cold, or blocked nasal passages.
  • Stop in case of dizziness.
  • Seek guidance of a qualified Yoga teacher before trying on your own.


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"The expression of the spirit increases in proportion to the development of the body and mind in which it is encased. Therefore, yoga prescribes methods to train and develop the physical body & mind. The highly trained body must first of all be strong and healthy. The goal of all yoga teaching is how to concentrate the mind, how to discover it's hidden facets, and how to awaken the inner spiritual faculties"

- Swami Vishnu-devananda

This Month's Challenge

Practise x10 rounds daily of Anuloma Viloma for the next 30 days...

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