Are You A Lightworker?

A light worker is an individual /entrepreneur that has a deep inner desire/calling to create positive impact within the world & also within their own lives.

They understand it first must start with themselves. Through raising their own consciousness & vibrational frequency they tap into unlimited potential to create massive impact within their business, life, health, relationships & the world.

They understand their vibrational frequency is the essence of how they feel & how they feel is the seed through which they create their actions, life results & success.

A light worker is an “up-lifter” & an empowering force for others through which their own business & life can operate with the greatest consciousness, integrity & highest values.

Light workers are very often rebels, leaders & the vehicle through which the new paradigm towards world peace, abundance, freedom and enlightenment enfold.

They possess the extraordinary quality that heals, inspires and transforms life to a new level of understanding of what is possible as they discover & breakthrough to new potentials.

Great light workers are courageous individuals diving into the storms, challenges & struggles as they continue to create, inspire & take action. They are honest with themselves about their current reality & where they are reaching towards.

They are keen to look ahead, create a vision & move towards their dreams in order to create a new model of reality for the world and themselves. Great light workers work towards seeing love & beauty, not anger & conflict. They do not get stuck in the problems, they stand on the periphery, attuned, yet far enough to see the “soul-utions”.

They are fuelled with a passion for self mastery, enlightenment & empowerment to allow them to take necessary risks to help others break through to the next level so that they can stand up and be the leader they were born to be.

They are fully committed to mastering the tools, exercises and strategies that will allow the natural enfolding of their highest potential through the Mind, Body & Soul connection.

Great light workers have a far greater presence, self belief & vision than most, influencing others as they build momentum towards community, service & connection.

Are you a dedicated lightworker?

The Lighthouse Membership

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The Lighthouse Membership
The Lighthouse Membership
Price: £15.00