Cacao Powder - Organic

Our cacao powder is of the Creole variety, and from Peru. Creole variety is called “The Queen of Cacao” as it produces the highest grade beans. Creole cacao is an ancient variety, non-hybrid, producing “fine and flavour” beans, are the scarcest, most expensive and the most highly regarded for their complex flavour and aroma. Only a fraction of world cocoa production comes from Creole trees, as they are delicate, low producers and susceptible to certain disease.

Product Description

Our organic cocoa powder comes in its purest form. Unaltered by over-processing or added sugar, it retains all the nutritious qualities of the cocoa bean and remains high in health-promoting antioxidants. A versatile ingredient, it can be stirred into warm milk with a natural sweetener such as agave to make a delicious and warming drink, or try mixing with other superfood ingredients as part of a nutritious smoothie blend.

Have you made up my Raw Chocolate Truffles? They are delicious!!!!!

I often curl up having made some Organic Almond Milk, added Agave & Cacao to be in heaven with my Raw Hot Chocolate.

Recommended Dosage : Eat as much as you like.

Organic certification: GB-ORG-05 (UK Soil Associations)

Product Origin: Peru