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It's believed by many spiritual teachers & scientists that the human mind thinks anywhere from between 20,000 – 60,000 thoughts a day.

That's incredible!!

That's an awful lot of thoughts passing through our brains!!

How many of these are we actually aware of & why should we take a moment to pause, get still & enquire?

This month in "The Lighthouse" we are going deeper into exploring our thoughts & belief systems.

We'll be getting more honest, gaining more clarity & deeper insights into how or where they are supporting us & where perhaps they are the CAUSE holding us back from the very things our heart & soul truly yearns for us to experience in life.

Transforming just one belief has huge positive ripple effects in your life & the sea of consciousness!

However, this is a process and requires skill through mastering the Mind, Body & Soul connection.

To completely dissolve a belief system is very different from simply choosing a different thought!


There can be huge momentum that has gone on for thousands of years that will resist any re-steering. This is precisely why I created "The 7 Keys Meditation" & "The Thought Catcher".

Mindset must be a daily practice and is so unique to each one of us, this is what we refer to as self-discovery in spiritual texts.

These tools enable you to gain mastery naturally, organically & safely as we enter layers of the subconscious/ unconscious mind & mindfully dissolve these weeds from the root through the body! - purging all that is unconscious & not in alignment to our Soul's mission/ purpose & truth.


A belief system cannot simply be changed at the level of mind as it will just create it again because that's what created it in the first place!

A belief system can only break down in structure & be transformed through the physical vehicle which is why yoga is so popular (but many do not realise the depth at which they are shifting, healing & clearing - MedYoga is designed for this)

Becoming more conscious of your thoughts, conditioning & belief systems is key to your success & fulfillment in life, health, relationships & business...


The "Thought Catcher" is a 5-Step Process & an extension of The "7 Keys Meditation" - mastering a skill that allows you to awaken to unconscious or limiting thoughts/ beliefs & safely move them into consciousness so that they can be received, accepted & transformed.


"The Thought Catcher" is an effective way to condition yourself throughout the day to be more observant, aware, mindful & conscious of your current level of thinking/ belief systems so you can bring the weeds to your meditation, self-inquiry & contemplative journaling practices.


The "Thought Catcher" allows you to take one small mindful step at a time to integrate your new awareness into everyday life & continue expanding & evolving with consistent results.


The 'Thought Catcher" brings much more focus to cultivating new habits, behaviors, and responses rather than conditioned reactions to the areas it really counts - in your life not just sat on your mat or a meditation cushion. 


This allows you to shift through blocks much more quickly, chart your progress & celebrate your transformational successes!

Join us in "The Lighthouse" as we go deeper into group transformation, inquiry & healing...


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