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Trauma, Abuse, PTSD, Addiction, Anxiety, Suicidal Crisis, Pain Body, Shadow Work, Nervous System Recovery.

  • 💫 Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Addictions, OCD, Suicidal Recovery, SAD, Bi-Polar, Loneliness & Insomnia.


  • 💫 Trauma & Shock: Abuse, Rape, Loss, Grief, Bereavement, Violence, Bullying, Accident, Natural Disaster, Severe Illness, 


  • 💫 Chronic Pain: Adrenal Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Exhaustion, Lower Back Pain, Arthritis, PMS, Hip/ Pelvic Pain, Long Covid,


  • 💫 Neurological Disorders: Parkinsons, MS, Stroke effects, Panic Attacks, Fight/Flight/Freeze Responses, Heart Palpitations, etc.

  • 💫 Illness & Disease: Asthma, Emphysema, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc.

  • 💫 Disconnection & Unfulfillment: Self Love, Self Care, Confidence, Self Belief, Purpose, Relationships, Soul Embodiment & Spiritual Connection.


Designed over 15yrs & used to support hundreds of clients through their journey through awakening: liberation, peace, health, trauma recovery, shadow work, pain body, emotional regulation, empowerment, self responsibility, self love & self acceptance.

Regular practice invites the soul to take up full residence in each cell of the body through which your soul/ divine gifts & potential can be birthed to benefit this world.



Skills 🔑 Key 1 ~Non-Doing, Listening & Trust.

As we still the body, so we start to see, sense & feel more...

Within ourselves, the environment & those around us.

This heightened sensitivity requires maturity in stillness in order to be preserved.

In stillness we discover the silent echo, fertiliser & birthing place for divine manifestations.

This stillness is home, secure, safe & the field of residence for the divine/ true self.

As we become more established, the stillness becomes our anchor through which we carry out our actions, intentions & communications with the world.

Anchoring grounds, centres & manifests our consciousness into physical reality.

Establishing the art of non-doing to fall into effortless being.



Skills 🔑 Key 2 ~Conscious Direction, Commanding & Control

Sharpening our awareness muscles to develop a sense of general awareness allows us to expand beyond the limitations of the mind & body to the cosmic field of consciousness.

Local awareness allows us to develop skills to penetrate higher consciousness into the chakras, energy field & physical cells/ body for trauma work, deep transformation & embodiment.


A skilful practice of commanding your own attention from general awareness to focused awareness fosters self control, responsibility & management as a self healer.

Grounding our awareness into the Root/ Base/ 1st Chakra & the Crown/ 7th Chakra to open our Earth & Source communication & support channels.


Breaking the habit of the mind driving you to you Higher Self steering!

Image by Egor Vikhrev


Skills 🔑 Key 3 ~Grounding, Alertness & Attention

Anapana Breathing (Buddhist Technique) allows us to slow the brain waves to the Alpha State from the usual day to day active Beta state.

Gentle, rhythmic circular breaths stimulate the vagus nerve, activate the parasympathetic nervous system and help us stand back from the flight/fight/freeze responses often caused by trauma.


Combining Anapana Breath with Heart Coherence.

When the 4th centre is blocked it is unable to efficiently supply the necessary love, prana & life force to dissolve trauma & blocks trapped in the organs, cells, tissues, etc.


The heart space is a powerful transmitter of electro magnetic energy which can be cleaned up, opened up & maximised for potential. Stabilising within the heart enables us to create more of a gap between mind's reactivity states to heart's responsive states.

Through continued practice we can access Alpha, Theta, Delta, Gamma brain wave states allowing transcendence of old patterns/ anxiety/ mental health/ trauma responses.




Skills 🔑 Key 4 ~ Energy Mastery, Sensitivity & Non Attachment

Sweeping & Scanning is a consciousness practice that encourages the development of our psychic senses to pick up subtle information. Penetrating into the human energy field to clear out stagnant chi, re-balance, harmonise & heal using the power of consciousness.


Remove negative energy formations, stagnation & dense energies that are causing disharmony mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually. 

This key will allow you to become familiar with the aura, energy body & field and build confidence in exploring and strengthening your energy mastery.

Witnessing emotions & thoughts as energy/ passing phenomena manifesting as the 5 elements enables a healthy non-attachment from personal identification with stories/ trauma.

Breaking & disrupting repetitive karmic cycles & patterning.

Image by Conscious Design


Skills 🔑 Key 5~Self Regulation, Non Judgement, Equanimity

Exerting healthy control over our thoughts, feelings & stories, witnessing whatever arises from a place of non-detatchment. Conditioning, programs, stories, thoughts, emotions, victim mentality to be witnessed as inner passing phenomenon.

As we mature & no longer suppress our inner processes we build greater confidence to follow through from start to end, facing our personal, relationship & career challenges with more ease, flow, confidence, self belief, faith & universal guidance


We develop heightened skills for alertness, vigilance, concentration and focus so we can surf the more intense, higher & longer waves without getting lost in our stories, conditioning, patterns, compulsions & reactions.
The quality of our self regulation accelerates the healing process.

Dismantling the beliefs: "I  can't do this" & "I don't like myself"



Skills 🔑 Key 6 ~Resilience, Presence & Determination

Samskaras are mental impressions, memories & ancestral/ past life trauma that have become so deeply imbedded into our psyche, energy & physical cells we often feel unable to be in the present moment, we disassociate & feel numb emotionally.


This trapped energy is also known as the pain body & shadow.


Left unconscious, can create unsurmountable blockages within our life force, potential, health, relationships, finances & experience of joy/ love manifesting as PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Abuse, Financial Crisis, Mental Health, Suicidal Crisis, Disease, Exhaustion, Neurological Issues.

This key safely allows us to penetrate into the deeper energy blockages (samskaras) & use the power of consciousness to break down, disarm & dismantle these structures without fleeing, reacting or fear of losing control.

It is essential we take small steps to learning about the shadow & pain body through direct experience so we can alchemise & fully integrate both aspects safely.

Free Yoga


Skills 🔑 Key 7 ~Deep Presence, Divine Union & Ego Death

Samadhi is full union with the Divine (Mind, Body & Soul).

This final key invites us to allow the death of the small self/ unhealthy ego.
We allow all to rise & fall away accepting fears of death, annihilation & loss.

Collapsing the false ego/ small self revealing more Truth/ Light/ Oneness.

Leading to full Divine Union.

We can now live without attachment as the ocean,

Allowing all waves to come & go without grasping, holding tightly or resisting.
The light & dark within & without are seen as expressions of divinity.
Our soul more fully embodied.

Authentic personal power re-discovered.

We are now free to surf the waves with confidence in life.

Knowing we are consciousness itself.

Our essence established as presence rather than person.

The 7 Keys 🔑 Meditation

Davinder's monthly meditation class is webcasted to Davinder's Facebook, and Davinder's YouTube.


The talks/ classes are recordings of the monthly Group Meditation Circles @The Lighthouse. Made available to you the week after. You can access them at anytime via Davinder's YouTube channel. 

The class begins with a 15min teaching/ talk, followed by a 45-minute practice of "The 7 Keys Meditation" & completing with a 15min Q&A Session/ Live Healing Demonstration.


Either an examination of one of the keys or a full practice of all 7.

This offering is supported by your generosity. If you’d like to make a donation, please visit 


£7-10 is suggested to help us cover expenses. Any amount is gratefully received.

(If you'd like to meditate within a sacred group circle or have access to Davinder's Meditation Library, please join our family in my private online membership @"The Lighthouse".)



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