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"There Can Be No Lotus Flower Without The Mud"...


Mental Health, Childhood Trauma & Nervous System Recovery.

MedYoga {Medicine-Yoga}, Trauma, Counselling, CBT, Nidra Sleep, Breathwork,

Somatic Medicine Dance, 432Hz Crystal Bowls, Meditation & Mindfulness 4 Kids, Teens & Adults.

20yrs Experience With Supporting: Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Depression, Abuse, Addictions, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Ascension Fatigue, Spiritual Awakening, Suicidal Crisis & Nervous System Recovery.

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Kids, Teens & Adults

Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Counsellor, CBT, Trauma Therapist, Energy Healer & Mind, Body & Soul Embodiment Coach.

My wish is for all individuals to evolve collectively through these times of mass awakening, ancestral healing & deep global transformation.

Through my soul gifts I offer tools, therapies & spiritual teachings to support your awakening journey towards a far higher level of consciousness & authentic love.

I believe we all have the power to discover our true alignment with the Source & unite Mind, Body & Soul.

May my 20 year wisdom as a spiritual teacher, guide you by the hand, inspire your soul & nourish you to accept, love & embrace every inch of you.


 💫 Especially within those moments when you're called into the darkness & feel the light is hardest to find...

Davinder Ojalla




Monthly Membership

MedYoga Therapy & Somatic Restoration

Online TV Studio, Live & Archived Weekly Classes:

Yoga Nidra Deep Sleep, MedYoga Therapy, 432 Hz Crystal Bowl Therapy

& 7 Keys Meditation - Classes Archived 4 Members To Use Anytime.



MedYoga TV - On Demand Library

MedYoga Therapy & Somatic Restoration

Full Archive & Bite Sized Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathwork, Bodywork,

Somatic Dance, Self Love & Energy Medicine Practices, MedYoga TV & Therapies.

Perfect For Someone Who Wants To Explore On Own Schedule.




12 Week Nervous System Recovery

MedYoga Therapy, Vagus Nerve & Restoration

A Self Study Virtual Training Course Blending Neuro-Science With Ancient Spiritual Wisdom,

Energy Medicine & Somatic Breathwork, Bodywork & Restoration Therapies To Inspire,

Empower & Elevate Your Consciousness As Well As Your Nervous System.





121 Bespoke 3-6mth Program

MedYoga Therapy, Coaching & Restoration

A 100% Tailored To You Program & Personalised Step By Step Plan To Achieve Short Term

& Long Term Goals 4 Your Mental Health, Nervous System & Health Elevation.


"Davinder is very intellectual & a truly extraordinary teacher & coach.
Having practiced self-development for more than 10yrs, I find Davinder & her work so unique.
Her teachings have a deep healing power that helps me transform my thinking, attitude & behaviors in many ways. Now being a working mum of two little children, my regular practice with Davinder brings more power, energy & confidence in daily life"


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