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🌸 Mental Health Recovery
Welcome & Introduction

Over the last 20yrs as a Diploma Qualified Counsellor/ CBT/ Trauma Therapist, A Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga Expert, An Energy Healer & Spiritual Guide ~ I've Mentored Thousands Of Individuals Through Their Own Unique Journey Towards Understanding & Improving Their Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Physical Education, Health & Wellness.

As An Abuse Survivor I Suffered Relentlessly With Childhood Trauma, Suicidal Ideation, PTSD, Chronic Anxiety, Depression, Nervous System Dysregulation, Neurological & Chronic Pain.

I Share Somatic Based Tools, Therapies & Teachings That Have Saved My Life Again & Again, That Of My Patients As Well As Inspire Us To Become Resilient In Our Healing & Discover Deeper Courage To Never Give Up.

I Believe You Too Can Make It Through The Wildest Storms, Pain, Shadows & Discover Through The Body Is The Way Out.

But You May Have To Really Fight For You, Let Go To Trust, Surrender To The Love Around You & Find Faith In Something Greater Than Yourself.


Davinder x

🌸 STEP 1


Take time to carve out a minimum of 10-20mins to explore the free "Mental Health Recovery Scale" I have created below.

Allow yourself time to feel into where you are mostly now, where you have mostly been & where you would like to be on the scale over the next 3-6 mths.

Book a 121 session to explore your insights, address any concerns & carve out a strategy for your healing journey.


Stressed Woman



Where do I start taking care of my mental health?

Here are some tips to help you get started with self-care:

  • Get regular daily medyoga exercise.

  • Eat healthy, regular meals and stay hydrated. 

  • Make sleep a priority - explore sleep cave

  • Smile at a good memory & make a good memory

  • Set goals and priorities that fuel the soul.

  • Practice gratitude morning, day & night

  • Choose a positive power word.

  • Stay connected to loved ones.

  • Reach out for support unapologetically.

  • Take a brisk slow mindful walk in nature.

  • Take 3 deep abdominal breaths.

  • Chew food with presence, slowly & mindfully.

  • Listen to the birds/ sounds around you.

  • Take 3 x deep sighs as you exhale.

  • Try a rebounder, shaking or tremoring.

  • Try a neti pot, tongue scraper, dry brushing.

  • Book a somatic medicine dance.

  • Try a 432Hz crystal sound bath.

  • Explore our online meditation temple

  • Set a daily routine 4 mental health.

  • Start Yoga Nidra 5wk course

  • Start Introduction To Breathwork course

  • Enjoy the Music & Dance Cave playlists



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