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"Winter Solstice ~The Goddess Reunion

Quarterly Solstice Gathering

Image by Zoltan Tasi



Next Date: 22nd December 2023

Time: 11am - 2pm.

This is a quarterly gathering of all women (& children) to celebrate the Divine Feminine rising, Solstice & Awakening on Earth. Held at the sacred site of Avebury.

At 11am, we gather together as Healers of the Earth, Awakening Angels & Sisters of the Family of Light.


We meet opposite the Red Lion & head to the centre of the Stone Circle (through the gate).

This is an outdoor celebration & event so wear/bring appropriate clothing & shoes for rain or shine.


My wish is for all individuals to evolve collectively through these times of mass awakening, ancestral healing & deep global transformation.

I am so pleased to invite you to our gathering!


Davinder X


AVEBURY ANGELS for Goddess Reunions

"The Wound Is Where The Light Enters"

11am - Arrival - Meet @The Red Lion

11.15am Opening Cacao Ceremony with Debbie

11.30am Goddess Kali, Chanting & Journalling with Davinder

12pm - Connect, Lunch, Silent Walk, Free Time - All

12.45pm - Goddess Blend Meditation with Debbie

1pm - Awakening Process with Davinder

1.40 - Closing Circle with Debbie

Each quarter we bring our attention to 1 x Goddess, bring offerings to her & learn her song (chant/mantra or prayer). We explore how we can use the body & senses to embody her qualities, messages & hopes in our present life. Each goddess receives a uniquely formulated "Goddess Blend" on the day & PDF of the song/chant.


We invite 1 or 2 x women to sit in the centre of the sacred circle & Davinder guides them through The Awakening Process allowing the healing of Shadow, Inner Child & Lower Self.

We learn to hold space, be seen, heard & witness through this process.

Together we drum, dance, move, meditate, prayer & hone our gratitude for this precious life we have been given so bring any instruments / voice/ guitar/ drum/ bells/ etc.

As "The Goddess Chorus" we invite you to sing yogic songs with us with the Harmonium, 5432Hz Crystal Bowls & offer healing to the land, Mother Earth and her people/ animals/ all sentient beings


Davinder X


Or simply lie back, close the eyes & the subconscious will do the work leaving you feeling calm, grounded & connected.

December 22nd 2023, Reserve Your Space...

Davinder & Debbie x 

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