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Davinder Ojalla

Yoga Teacher, Trauma Therapist & Mind, Body & Soul Embodiment Coach.

My wish is for all individuals to evolve collectively through these times of mass awakening, ancestral healing & deep global transformation.

Through my soul gifts I offer tools, therapies & spiritual teachings to support your awakening journey towards a far higher level of consciousness & authentic love.

I believe we all have the power to discover our true alignment with the Source & unite Mind, Body & Soul.

May my 20 year wisdom as a spiritual teacher, guide you by the hand, inspire your soul & nourish you to accept, love & embrace all of life, especially within those moments when the light is hardest to find.


Davinder X


"Yogi Awaken, Goddess Align, Soul Ascend"

1- 3 Day Retreats, 2hr Workshops & Online Membership



MEDYOGA for Embodiment & Soul Ecstasy!

"The Wound Is Where The Light Enters"

MedYoga is a journey & powerful infusion of sacred movement, hatha yoga, sound & energy medicine suitable for complete beginners.

Through sensual, playful, intuitive, somatic, yin/ yang embodiment & breathwork practices we find courage to take up full residence in every cell of our body, unleash our shakti/ kali power & awaken the tiger, liberating us from the chains of trauma & past wounds.

Leaving feeling safer in the body, inspired to evolve & ready to lead from the feminine heart.

SACRED DANCE for Kali/ Goddess Devotion!

"In Your Delirious Joy We Dance"

MedYoga sacred dance is a reclamation of the Divine Feminine/ Kali/ Shakti power, designed to boost your confidence, creative expression, sexual health & intuitive skills. Resulting in feeling safer to communicate, let go & blossom with healthier boundaries. We will harness the power of spiritual devotion, sensuality & freestyle dance to reach the Goddess Climax that burns, cuts through & destroys the old and makes way for the new.

SOUND BATH for Trauma Healing & Nervous System!

"Making Sounds That Feel Like Music"

MedYoga sound baths are a deep cellular immersion using 432Hz Crystal Bowls, Chakra Toning, Bija Mantras, Nidra/ PMR & Devotional Chanting. Designed to deeply relax the physical body, tune the cells to higher vibrations & create a divine frequency protective bubble around the Human Energy Field/ Aura. Simply lie back, close the eyes & the subconscious will do the work leaving you feeling calm, grounded & connected.

July 7th, 8th & 9th
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Sept 22nd, 23rd & 24th
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