Davinder’s Complete Green Juice Kit

Do you ever worry that you’re not getting all the nutrients, vitamins & minerals your body really needs to thrive?

How much peace of mind would you have if you knew, every day, you were covered for nearly all the nutrients, vitamins & minerals your body, mind & soul crave naturally, ethically and organically?

For the last 15 years, I’ve been researching the key superfoods & drinking my unique Superfood Green Juice 4-5 times a week & I know the amazing transformational benefits it has on my skin, hair, moods & energy levels.

I so want you to experience the benefits too…

Davinder’s Complete Green Juice Kit includes Davinder’s New Green Juice Blend of Superfoods, but also: 250g Cacao Powder, 250g Goji Berries, 500g Coconut Oil, 250ml Agave Syrup, 260ml Flax Oil and, Davinder’s Raw Chocolate Truffle Recipe.

Davinder’s Complete Green Juice Kit

To make Davinder’s Complete Green Juice use only Organic Ingredients.

4 x Sticks of Celery or Cucumber

3 x Large Carrots

1 x Apple

Small Piece of Ginger or more!!!!

Juice all of above & blend with 1 x tbsp Davinder’s Green Juice Blend

You may want to also include any of the following: Optional

1 x Small Banana, Handful Kale/ Spinach, 2 x tsp Bee Pollen, 1 x tsp Flaxseed Oil, 1x Tbsp Sesame, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Goji Berries or tsp coconut oil & any of the other Superfoods here

Always remember to soak any nuts & seeds before eating as they contain enzyme inhibitors!!!.

This is my personal daily favourite. Start with 1 Tbsp & build up to 3tbsp.

Maximum dosages are stated on individual product descriptions.

I juice 5-6 x a week once a day.

Do not exceed dosages on superfoods & allergy test first with a minimum dose & allow 24hrs.

Please ensure you have approval from your GP should you wish to change your diet, detox, cleanse or include supplements to your diet or have any doubt they may cause an adverse reaction, are pregnant or currently on medication. We recommend testing products individually for a minimum of 2 days to ensure safety/minimal effects in case or allergies. Gradually introduce each new product & we suggest starting with less than the quantities stated above should you have any doubts & gradually increase.

Please research & check individual products for maximum daily dosages.