27th May | 2022 | The Barn, Marlow, 7.30-9.00pm GMT.


Ecstatic Dance Can Help With...

Mental Health, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Confidence, Self Esteem, Nervous System.

We all have a soul longing to feel free in our bodies.

The freer we feel in our bodies, the greater the abundance of flow, chi, prana & life force we have to direct into our life purpose, relationships & health.

When we feel trapped inside of our bodies due to pain, depression, low energy or lack of motivation we can spiral down into hopelessness, despair & resentment.

Dance is an expression of the soul which is a melting pot for all emotions - fear, sadness, grief, heartbreak, wounding, pain, anger, shadow energies & worries being seduced into the light of divinity.

Using a mixture of rhythms, music & songs from pop, classical, r&b, soul, yogic to harmonic melodies you will be taken on an inner journey of self discovery, exploration, curiosity & self expression.

A non guided, anything goes - freestyle dance suitable whether you are completely new to movement, dance, bodywork or are a raving closet dancer at home.

You'll find the safety of sacred space to release control, surrender deeply & allow the flow to carry you.

MedYoga Dance Therapy is not about the perfect moves, the perfect rhythm & most definitely not about the perfect body.

It's about creating the right internal environment that allows you to feel safe to unlock the shadows, conditioning, patterns & parts holding you back from your truth, creativity, self expression, confidence, fulfilment & wellness.

MedYoga Dance Therapy is a somatic practice inviting you to meet your light & dark with grace, presence & mindfulness so that you can ground into the body, build confidence & stabilise as a heart powered leader.

You'll leave feeling lighter in body, calmer in mind -& back in rhythm to your soul.

I hope to see you there...

Davinder Ojalla

Dance With Your Soul

Dancing has such beneficial effects on the brain that it is now increasingly being used for therapy by many more professionals...

Davinder - High Res -37

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The Lighthouse

Davinder is a licensed Adults & Kids Yoga Teacher & Diploma Qualified Counsellor/ CBT therapist specialising in Trauma: Abuse, Addictions, Rape, Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Anxiety, Stress, Abuse, Suicidal Crisis.

2yr study @The School Of Energy Healing - London (Regression, Hands On Healing, Inner Child, Shadow, Pain Body, Meta Physics).

Also a Mental Health, PTSD, Trauma, Abuse, Eating Disorder, Suicidal Crisis & Car Wreck Survivor...

For the last 2 decades, supporting kids, teens & adults to overcome suffering, release trauma and create the life, health, relationships & business that the soul really intended for them...

The Lighthouse is a community, toolkit & space for spiritual awakening, empowerment, embodiment, mindfulness, inspiration & transformational tools to walk the path of your highest & most divine destiny.


Davinder has an essence and an energy that you just really want to be around. When working 121, she is compassionate and loving - but also fierce and totally prepared to kick your butt when required! Our session together gave me fresh insight into questions that had been bugging me for a long time, and clarity about my future path. I can't wait for our next one.

Michelle W.
Business Coach

Thank you, Davinder! This was just what was needed. Expertly lead, deeply therapeutic & challenging! I know MedYoga Breathwork & 7 Keys Meditation is going to help the team Mentally & Physically. We can't wait to have you back for more!


"Davinder is very intellectual & a truly extraordinary teacher & coach.Having practiced self-development for more than 10yrs, I find Davinder & her work so unique. Her teachings have a deep healing power that helps me transform my thinking, attitude & behaviors in many ways. Now being a working mum of two little children, my regular practice with Davinder brings more power, energy & confidence in daily life"

Medical Profession/ Mother

The best Yoga teacher, so spiritual and enlightening - the best yoga class I have ever been too. Friendly and open teaches with compassion and I can’t wait to book my next classes. A soulful and meaningful yoga class. Highly recommend for all who want to embrace yoga and it’s teachings. Authentic and highly experienced teacher.

Hairdresser/ Manager

Life Coaching & Healing With Davinder

MedYoga/ Breathwork/ Mindfulness/ Somatic Bodywork, Dance, Movement Therapy,

7 Keys Meditation 4 Trauma, PTSD, Addictions, Abuse, Anxiety & Liberation,

The Awakening Process 4 Shadow, Pain Body & Inner Child Work.