Fierce, Focused & Feminine...

Stop. Go Find QUIET Space. Close Your Eyes. BREATHE. Go WITHIN. Find Your POWER Again.

Get Back To The TRUTH of Who You Are.

Get Back Into Alignment With WHO You Really Are,

From That Space, Be Still, Listen & Pay Attention,

5-10min - Daily "Mind Miracle" Check-In's

Morning Mindset

Midday Boost

Evening Chill

Upcoming Dates For Your Diary:

2020 Dates: 1st Tuesday of every month

Tuesday 7th April, Tuesday 5th May, Tuesday 2nd June, Tuesday 7th July, Tuesday 4th August, Tuesday 8th September,

Tuesday 6th October, Tuesday 3rd November, Tuesday 1st December. (5th January)

Time: 7-8.30pm GMT,

Location: ZOOM

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1). Go to your Zoom Account & click on: Join a meeting

2). Enter Meeting ID: 796 756 5856
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Can't wait to see you, incredible soul!

***Please bring relevant workbooks below, notebook/ journal, open mind, open heart & pen.

Workbooks To Get You Ready To Thrive!



Please use these workbooks as a guide to support your soulful entrepreneur journey.

Have fun with it & remember if it's not bringing you JOY, think again!

***Please bring a copy of this workbook with you to your first meeting.

The Manifestation Prayer

“Thank you, Universe, for helping me see beyond my mental limitations of lack. Please open & expand my consciousness, perceptions & beliefs so that I can attract [name your soulful desire here]."

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Spiritual Cinema

The Call To Courage With Brene Brown.


With one of the most viewed TED talks of all time, research professor and best-selling author Dr. Brené Brown challenges you to show up, step into the arena and answer the call to courage. Watch FULL version on Netflix & check out her Ted Talk on "Vulnerability".

Brave leaders are never silent around hard conversations.

Your job as a leader is to excavate the things that are not being said and not being talked about.

That requires courage & vulnerability. Vulnerability is hard, scary & feels dangerous.

But it's not as scary or dangerous as getting to the end of our life and having to ask ourselves "What if I had truly shown up?",

"Show Up, Be Courageous, Be Brave"

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