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Fierce, Focused & Feminine Monthly Networking & Sisterhood


Next Date: Tuesday, August 4th, 7-9 pm GMT via Zoom

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Fierce, Focused & Feminine is a networking community & sisterhood of heart-centred women dedicated to raising their level of thinking, awareness & consciousness to participate more fully in the transformation of their own lives, health, relationships & careers so they can create a more powerful impact in the world.


We meet monthly on zoom to network, connect, share ideas & discuss areas of growth, healing & empowerment to build our confidence, self-worth, visibility, self-expression, and creativity in the world.


Whether that is being a better parent, kinder sibling, higher consciousness thought leader, female entrepreneur, earth healer, lightworker, visionary, activist, or changemaker.

All women from all backgrounds, ages & religions are welcomed & embraced here.

This is a safe space for you to drop the masks, be seen, felt & heard in a non-judgmental space that invites you to embrace, love & accept yourself fully & lay solid foundations for your success, fulfillment & potential.

We also invite your inner child to play with us & join our regular socials, meet up's in the park & other fun activities.


💖 FFF Group Affirmation:

"I See Your Power, I See Your Worth, I See Your Potential"


Meet The Members...

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10.30am Sue Kate-65
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Bep Dhaliwal Head shot

Group Leader: Davinder Ojalla

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💖 I Believe Every Woman Deserves To Know Her True Power, Worth & Potential & Never Have To Live In Fear Of It...