Meet The "FFF" Tribe...

10.30am Sue Kate-65

Kate is a passionate, vibrant & experienced holistic health & wellness coach & entrepreneur. As a professional therapist Kate has empowered many individuals Mentally, Emotionally & Physically to support the healing of Depression, Anxiety, Dementia, Alzheimers, Addictions & Chronic Illnesses. 18 years experience specialising in Pregnancy Massage, Anti-ageing Crystal Facials, Pranic healing and Reflexology.

Mobile: 07957 227 618
Bep Dhaliwal Head shot

Bep is a powerful, courageous & impactful mindset coach, whose unique style of coaching empowers the individual to dive much deeper into self awareness and gaining a better understanding of themselves at a deeper level. This lays the foundation to give them the confidence to take their unique right step forward.

Bep's corporate and personal experiences have taught her many life altering lessons: we must first understand ourselves,  in order to successfully engage with the world around us, and walk the path we desire. Her passion to empower others is what has ultimately led her to set up a business based on building the right connections, that enable us to understand individual/workplace challenges in a way that enables growth in a resilient way.

Outside of work Bep is incredibly proud of her Indian heritage and the diversity that brings. Having experienced a few major life challenges, including cancer - this has enriched her view of life in an incredibly passionate way so she is driven to use her strengths in a meaningful way with others and to have some fun along the way.


Mary is the Author of "Awaken Your Intuitive Vision" - unlocking possibilities you never knew existed,

Also a Board Workshop Leader for individuals & organisations and a Visionary Life Coach, Feng Shui consultant and a Reiki Master.

In the early part of her career Mary created a database marketing consultancy serving Fortune 500 companies.  Back to University after starting a family (first time round as an Anthropologist), Mary did a teacher’s training in Dance-movement followed by an MA in Somatic Arts Psychotherapy.  During this sojourn she developed the system she now calls the Intuitive Vision Board. She began teaching her first workshops in 2008 and has delivered more than 200 workshops since.

Four years into the plan a tornado whipped through her life and flattened the lot. That was seven years ago. Within six months she had lost everything of financial and material consequence. The living creatures thankfully were left intact and with her daughter and their dog – and together they began all over again.

Mary is testimony that rising like a phoenix from the ashes is possible whatever age you are & is on a mission to demonstrate the power of the intuition board to help you forge a powerful breakthrough when a crises has occurred.

Hollie is currently studying for her Yoga TTC. Her vision is to create a successful business in teaching yoga to all, running her own retreats and workshops. Her passion is to combine yoga and the most effective mindfulness practises to the public, corporates & schools.
Hollie says, "My dream is to experience truly what 'going to work' should be, love, passion, joy, connection and presence. I want to feel confident within my own inner power. To shine bright and know that in doing so, I create that space for others to do also".
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Louise is a bright, soulful & highly creative artist, writer and wellbeing specialist. Having spent the last 20 years holistically empowering children, teens and adults through her private & bespoke 121 coaching programs combining yoga, art & therapy.

Louise has been a resident therapist/yoga teacher in many specialist and mainstream schools, nurseries as well as a young people’s drug services running corporate meditation and NLP workshops. Louise's vast experience includes: Aromatherapy, Indian Head massage, Reflexology, Yoga, Meditation, NLP coaching (master practitioner) and Creative Arts helping people heal: Depression, Eating disorders, Anxiety & overcome challenges within their school/ workplace/ home environments.

Louise is a successful holistic health therapist with an array of testimonials for her artwork, coaching & therapies that uplift, inspire & empower all individuals, corporates & even hotels - where you may just see her artwork displayed!

Priya is a fun, vibrant & highly inspirational 37 year old chef, married to a wonderful husband, grateful for a fabulous mother & beautiful son.
Priya has a zest for life, and a huge passion for cooking healthy homemade, authentic traditional Indian food. Her products & services have gone down a storm locally & it's evident her food is made from the heart! Loved by all the locals.
You for sure will want to check out her mouthwatering cuisine. Services include: takeaways, private & group cooking classes, supper clubs, pop up restaurants & catering for parties & corporate venues. Priya has masterfully created a business model that suits all individuals - from filling up our belly on a Friday night to educational 121 courses to teach us how to make up these delights ourselves. Way to impress your friends at dinner!
Priya prides herself for being a spiritual person who is a sensitive, empath, and just loves to feed people and make them happy!
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Harjit is a wise, compassionate & open hearted soul creating a space for all to feel safe, nourished & supported in their transformation journey.

An expert Kundalini yoga teacher, gong practitioner, mentor, coach,  Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner, Shamanic healer, Sound therapist and Reflexologist.
Proud mother of four adults, wife and sister. Harjit's classes, trainings & workshops are unique in that they maintain a wonderful honouring of key ancient practises for healing, self development & transformation as well as practical tools to deal with life's challenges which everyone at any level can benefit from.
Harjit is a true master at what she does, extremely passionate & engaging when teaching kundalini yoga as taught by yogi Bhajan and also Sat Nam Rasayan which has been her go to tool for personal healing. Hugely experienced with over 2000 hours of practice in Satnam Rasayan and a member of the Sat Nam Rasayan school Italy. If you want to advance on your kundalini journey, Harjit can advance you at your own pace with various programs, an array of teaching modalities & her extensive toolkit of resources.