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Meet Leanne Lisbon - founder of "Mind Over Muffin" -

Join us in "Real, Raw & Naked" conversations...

This month we're discussing Emotional Eating & Business!

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Welcome To The “Fierce, Focused & Feminine" - Podcast.


Think about a time you were really excited to make a BIG life go for your true desires...

Maybe you wanted to start a new business, write a book or lose 10 pounds...

You were bursting with excitement for it. You shared it with friends & family who unfortunately soon enough sucked the wind out of your sails and weren't 100% consistently supporting & championing your dream.

The truth is most women are surrounded by others who are afraid of their power, dreams & desires because it forces them to have to examine their own limiting beliefs & bad habits.

And believe me - not everyone can handle that!

But the truth is even if you can, it's nearly impossible to succeed alone for the long haul.

Now imagine if you had a high-level coach who has already been there, knows the majority of the ups & downs & the most heart-centered women (soul sisters) cheering you on!

It doesn't matter what you want to achieve in life...Maybe you want to...


  • Get fitter, healthier, more in shape or lose some weight,
  • Write a book, start a blog or unlock your hidden creativity, 
  • Start a business, do a TED talk, build a community, 
  • Find your passion, become financially free, start a charity...


Fierce, Focused & Feminine is all about how we can make that happen for you...


Join me, Davinder Ojalla - The lightworker coach, spiritual teacher, transformation expert & consciousness educator as well as other inspiring heart-centered female entrepreneurs, conscious leaders, visionaries, change agents & lightworkers, in conversations about how to thrive in all main living areas: health, relationships, spirituality, love, sex, intimacy, community, business and wealth.

This is the place to come when you need to get inspired & to keep you on track to your highest, most fulfilling destiny path as a soulful leader, teacher, visionary, entrepreneur, healer, coach, empath, creative or lightworker...


Leanne Lisbon - Emotional Eating & Defeating Fear -

Founder: "Mind Over Muffin"

Mary Nonde - Losing Everything & Phoneix Rising

Author Of Awaken Your Intuitive Vision

Helen Reid - Motherhood To Women Empowerment Entrepreneur

Founder Of The Evolve Mama Academy

Bep Dhaliwal - Finding Resilience Through Cancer  Recovery -

Founder Of "Thrive 365"

Selina Marsden - Recovering From Lyme Disease & Owning Your Light

Founder of: The Healing Kitchen

Debbie Lawrence - Health & Essential Oil Expert

Founder Of: Debbie Lawrence