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It's Time Sisters...Let's Rise Together!


Calling all heart-centered, soulful & passionate female entrepreneurs/ wannabes that want to improve the quality of their life, health, relationships & business, expand their network, share creative ideas, collaborate with others, understand manifestation & co-creation, improve their wealth consciousness, expand their mindset, receive group coaching, transformation & mentoring...

But MOST IMPORTANTLY want to fall madly in love with themselves & ALL of life.

Hi, I'm Davinder Ojalla - The Lightworker Coach. Having left the corporate world over 15yrs ago as a Director for Hays PLC I stepped out into my fear & followed my heart & soul's true calling...

It took huge courage, a deep surrender, massive trust & resilience to stay committed to designing my new soul lead life. I now want the same for support you to create & live an empowered, fulfilling & rich life from the inside-out.


I believe EVERY woman deserves to know her true POWER, WORTH & POTENTIAL and never have to live in FEAR of it.

Beyond our fears, masks & insecurities each & every one of us has a unique gift & seed of potential within us.

My mission is to empower female change agents, conscious leaders, teachers, visionaries & creatives to get much more visible, share their unique message & claim much more joy, much more love, much more abundance & much much much more freedom!


Is this you?...


She desires to surround herself with like-minded entrepreneurs who are 100% committed to transforming their business to its higher potential without over-whelm, anxiety & pushing,

She's brave, courageous & ready to get clarity on what her heart & soul really want in all areas of her business,

She knows she has a unique gift/ purpose/ calling & she's on a mission to make her soulful business a reality,

She's committed to creating positive change in the world & unlocking her boldest vision,

She's honest with herself about where she stands & where she's reaching towards,

She knows she was born to positively impact everyone she meets & make a difference,

She's willing to dive into her fears, master the steering wheel & be the rebel who courageously creates new paths for all,

She stays positive even when times are hard, seeing things as they really are & never worse than they are,

She doesn't get stuck in the problems, she stands on the periphery, attuned, yet far enough to see the "soul-utions,"

She's an empowering force, an uplifter for others & nothing is going to stop her from designing HER new life & business,

She is willing to prioritise self-love, master her mind, love her body and step into joy,

She understands her spiritual practice, soul connection & divine work here is sacred.


She's truly ready to spread her wings & soar...


**Now the Founder of MedYoga School, The 7 Keys Meditation, The Awakening Process, Fierce, Focused & Feminine & The Lighthouse (The School Of Healing, Transformation & Empowerment)


As a life, health & business coach & a channel for the Divine Mother & Quan Yin, over the last 15yrs my passion has been inspiring women to create soulful transformation in their mind, body & emotions as we collectively shift from 3rd  dimension to thriving 5th dimensional frequencies in our life & businesses using my feminine system of manifestation & creation rather than the old yang system of push, pull & overwhelm!


You are invited to join my exclusive high vibe community - by application only.


Option 1: 


Inner Circle - £25 Monthly Membership...

*Month 1: Planning, Vision & Soulful Goal Setting

*Month 2: Accountability, Mastermind, Coaching & Q&A

*Month 3: Sharing Circle, Celebrating & Review Of Quarter.


Includes Power Pod Partner/ Soul Sister, Goal Setting Workbook, Coaching & Training, 

High-Level Coaching, Networking, Training & Masterminding, 10-15yr Higher Self vision broken down into 12mth, 6mth & 3mth Clarity Planners, Manifestation, Healing, Transformation Techniques, Mindset, Energy Work & Co-creation,

Exclusive Members-Only FFF Facebook Community.


Option 2: 

1/2 Day Introductory Workshop - Held Quarterly


Kind Words & Praise


Yvette C

I was incredibly drawn to attending the "Fierce, Focused & Feminine" workshop as part of my spiritual & business development. The 1 day workshop allows you the space to find out what is important to you, how to get back to you & create a soulful 3mth action plan to keep you focused & accountable. It was also lovely to meet like minded women. So grateful. Thank you!

Leysa H

Leysa H

What an amazing day! - love, joy & peace in abundance!. The power of this course reaches everyone, no matter where you are on your life, business & spiritual path. The day explores potential and how we can reach it through living mindfully & empowering our feminine energy to be the best we can be: to live honestly, with authenticity & learn to love more.

A powerful day!


Sharan B

A day full of bliss. "Fierce, Focused & Feminine" was everything I thought it would be plus more! Davinder has such an amazing energy about her - I am honoured to have been a part of this workshop. Thank you for your incredible knowledge, empowering tools & resources - not to mention the delicious vegan food!

See you at the next one!

Join My Exclusive Community...

Are you looking to make a change in your life but lacking the clarity, direction or support to confidently make empowering choices & decisions that are in true alignment with your higher potential, higher purpose & highest truth?


Fierce, Focused & Feminine offers you a sisterhood of like-minded women who are done with independence & desire inter-dependence, want to dive into self-development in a natural and organic way & launch themselves into the next phase of their life.

So whether you're looking to redefine your values, improve your health, career, relationships, business or grow in confidence, self-expression, connect, forgive, discover your passion, start a business, my quarterly meet up's & workshops WILL create a shift in your life.

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