Free Your Mind & Empower Your Life! (3)

Finding Freedom From Your Thoughts


The purest state a human being can evolve to is that of being fully rested in their natural state of "Being".

When you're rested in your beingness, this high vibration infuses everything you do as well as the people & environments around you. This state is in fact who you truly are beyond the identification with the mind. It is what allows the movement of Source energy to flow through you & out to the world.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean there is no "doing" as in many cases this becomes even more impactful when driven by beingness rather than ego. Being able to discern whether it's the mind or your being-ness that is creating requires great awareness & sensitivity.

Identification with the mind causes thoughts to become compulsive which is a dreadful affliction and precisely what layers over & suffocates the LIGHT that exists underneath the surface of each and every one of us.

Your Thoughts Are Just Like Fish Swimming In An Ocean...

This incessant mental noise keeps you trapped in egoic living, missing the true joy, peace, potential & fulfillment that comes from your BEING - your Buddha-nature.

This month I'm sharing a snippet from "The Lighthouse" - a tool to allow you to disidentify from the mind and step towards your true purpose here on Earth - Self-Liberation.


This tool will help you...


  • Strengthen your presence power & inner stability,
  • Practice dis-identifying from the mind's limitations,
  • Strengthen the "Observer Self" to allow all thoughts to pass by,
  • Provide  more insight into the mental blocks/ fears/ insecurities you may have,
  • Align to your Higher Self, & strengthen your presence power,
  • Alleviate stress, anxiety & compulsive thinking,
  • Find relief from negative emotions, cycles & conditioning,
  • Feel much more confident, in control & accountable in life,
  • Empower you to take leadership of your life’s creative masterpiece,



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