Free Music Playlists

I’ve collected my favourite music throughout my 20yr transformation journey to lift you up, inspire you & heal your BIG beautiful heart.

There are playlists to suit your different energies, moods & needs. From soul soothing, high vibe, go-getter, earthy, heavenly to good ole shake your butt rave!

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Lightworkers of The World

A collection of heart-centred soulful music to keep you on track to your dream, big vision & mission.

This will keep you inspired to stay connected to the heart through your transformational journey.

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Higher Self Priestess

A powerful collection of wonder woman hits to inspire female lightworkers to step up, be visible & share their message with the world.

High vibe, up lifting & go-for it songs to remind you to be unstoppable, love yourself & shine goddesses shine!

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MedYoga Mantras

A beautiful collection of traditional mantras perfect for a yoga class, meditation or afternoon chill.

Mantras are high vibrational sounds that have huge power to transform toxicity within the mind, body & emotions.

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Deep Soul Healing

A collection of deep soulful music to connect to the heart & clear any stuck emotions, blocks & unresolved pain.

A perfect way to heal with music & remind yourself we are all in this together.

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Happy Soul Sundays

Perfect for that lazy Sunday afternoon to lift your vibe to “Happy” whilst putting your feet up and enjoying the beauty of time, space & being!

A perfect way to lift your vibe to the powerful state of “gratitude”

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MedYoga Rave

Sometimes you just gotta shake it off, shake it off…

High energy songs to blast through any stubborn blocks, limiting beliefs & thoughts that are holdig you back…

Get wild & ready to SHAKE!!

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MedYoga Prayers & Poems

A beautiful collection of the most inspiring artists & spiritual teachers.

Messages, insights & light bulb moments as you absorb the essence and gold present in this collection.

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