Gratitude Diary

A gratitude diary is a unique and personally hand wrapped gift for yourself or a loved one. The moment I started using my gratitude diary, my life changed!. Its power to transform your life, your being, health is extremely powerful.

When you bring yourself into a state of gratitude you are activating the highest vibrational frequency that exists. This power activates the “Law Of Attraction” which brings this very vibration back to you tenfold. It truly is magical.

I use mine 3 x a week and sit down quietly to think of 3 things that I can be grateful for & simply list them in my diary.

I spend a few minutes to visualise the person, event, situation that I am grateful for & enjoy the feeling it brings me in the “present moment” as if I was having that experience now. I make a conscious effort to hold this positive frequency of gratitude as I give thanks for all that is in my life.

Nothing is more powerful that a simple “Thank you” for life’s gifts. Watch this enfold into bringing you more love, beauty, joy. It works just like I was told & taught it would. Your health can be completely transformed by this too.

Gratitude is the mot beautiful feeling….. just try it!!.