Higher Self Priestess …

Every woman has a gift

Higher Self Priestess is an invitation for incredible ambitious women that are unavailable for anything other than celebrating their true Power, Potential & Value whilst making a massive difference within the world.

If you’re done with playing it small & finally ready to meet the best of you, let yourself shine & create the Life, Body, Health, Relationships & Business that truly light you up, this is for you…

High level private & group coaching & mentoring for incredible ambitious females that are ready to…

  • Step into their natural confidence
  • Take control of their own destiny
  • Believe in themselves 100%
  • Take back their authentic power
  • Own their inner goddess & true worth
  • Build the body, mind & life they love
  • Create a successful & sustainable business
  • Make a difference in the world by being themselves
  • Drop the masks & embrace all their emotions




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“Create The Mind, Body & Life You Love”


I believe every woman should know her true value, power & potential and never have to live in fear of it.


Beyond our masks, fears & insecurities each & every one of us has a unique gift that is of incredible value to this world...


My mission is to create female leaders, goddesses & teachers for the new paradigm...


Is this You?


  • She’s brave, courageous & really ready to go for her BIG dreams.
  • She knows she has a unique gift/calling & she’s on a mission to make her dreams happen.
  • She’s honest with herself about where she stands & where she’s reaching towards.
  • She desires to surround herself with like-minded sisters who want to transform their business, health, relationships & life to their full potential.
  • She knows she was born to make a difference & positive impact within the world & her own life.
  • She’s willing to dive into her fears, master the steering wheel & be that rebel who courageously creates new paths for all.She stays positive even when times are hard, seeing things as they really are & never worse than they are.
  • She doesn’t get stuck in the problems, she stands on the periphery, attuned, yet far enough to see the “soul-utions”.
  • She’s an empowering force, an uplifter for others & nothing is going to stop her from making her dreams come true.
  • She’s truly ready to grow her wings & soar...



1 Day Luxury 121 Intensive

from £2,495


Get focused, clear & ready for action as we create an adventurous, realistic & stretching plan to get you from where you are now to where you really want to be.


10am - 5pm (lunch included)


  • Let’s get honest about where you are now & where you really want to be,
  • Let’s deep dive into busting through the blocks that have been holding you hostage from going for your true desires, dreams & goals,
  • Let’s create mini steps & a 6mth plan for your BIG vision with tools, resources & strategies that will empower you all the way,
  • Let’s ensure you have the most effective & time efficient rituals & exercises to keep your mind, body & soul at it’s highest peak


Sessions are bespoke to you & can be held in various UK or Europe Locations


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Investment: From £2,495 - £4,995

Investment :

90min Priestess Empowerment

A 90min deep dive deep into the subconscious mind to pull out the weeds & the root cause of any block that is holding you back from your true potential.


Sometimes all it takes to make a deep & profound shift in your life is just one moment...a flash of insight, an instant of realisation or a lightning spark of greater awareness.


This is for you if…


  • You’re ready to create the mindset, lifestyle & business you really desire
  • You have a gift, business or vision & need clarity & support with your next step
  • You desire to make a far greater impact within the world & your own life
  • You desire to create the success, abundance & freedom you really deserve
  • You’re committed to mastering emotions, thoughts & behaviours that truly light you up
  • You’re ready to take full responsibility for all areas of your life.
  • You’re ready to highly invest in yourself, prioritising you & your future


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3, 6, 12mth Private Coaching Programs

Private Coaching –  3mths: £5k, 6mths: £8k, 12mths: £14k

During the mentorship you’ll receive:

  • Fortnightly private coaching & mentoring calls with davinder via skype
  • 1 x luxury full day coaching intensive with davinder skype or designated location (worth £3,995- £4,995)
  • Lifetime all access pass to MedYoga School/Higher Self Priestess private on-line site with all my favourite videos, tools & resources (worth £995)
  • Ongoing personalized support in private fb community group
  • 20% discounted rate for all medyoga transformational retreats, superfoods & purchases throughout the year

You’ll receive one-to-one coaching during a full-day luxury intensive to help you up level your mindset, lifestyle and business to match your desires.

This is one of the most powerful ways I know of to create true transformation and results. There’s space for intensives blocked off every month. Davinder will support you in choosing the time and destination that feels most expansive for you.

Intensives can be hosted virtually instead of in-person if preferred.


You’ll also get 5 free bonus gifts:

  • The Higher Self Code: My 7 secrets to living your best life,
  • Design Your Business Tool Kit: Essentials to creating a business you love,
  • Mind Mastery Tool Kit: Exercises, MedYoga Manual, Transformational Aids,
  • Emergency De-stress Tool Kit: Easy, simple 5min rituals, meditations & exercises to stay at inspired & uplifted and ditch overwhelm, anxiety & burnout,radiance the natural way plus my favourite natural recipes.

The purpose of higher self priestess mentorship is to give you everything you need to create the expansive, abundant, impactful mindset, health, relationships & behaviours as well as the business systems & structures to create a truly successful life & business that thrive regardless of the storms.


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£5k, £8k, £14k

Months :

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