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Ho'oponopono - 5min Exercise

An ancient Hawaiian exercise still widely practised in many spiritual communities due to it's simplistic nature & ability to create miracles in your life as you access the power of Source/ Higher Consciousness/ Higher Dimensional Energies/ God/ Potential.

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Imagine for a moment life is simply a play on a screen (*spiritual truth) and everything that plays out on that screen are the memories stored within the Earth School hard drive. A screen play also needs a projector so that's you okay?...

Now everything showing up on that screen is a projection of your own & collective subconscious/unconscious stored memories. How you wish to interpret & perceive this story/ movie is your free will - which in turn  re-creates another cause & effect story for you to experience for another chapter (*another spiritual truth).

If you don't like what's showing up, you have the power to re-direct your focus to create a new effect which will only come into view as a new potential when you realise you are the cause... for everything showing up in your life & on the world stage. 

Ho'ponopono is a mental, emotional, physical & spiritual cleaning exercise that asks Source to press the delete button & transmute any negativity we're unconsciously creating throughout the day...because we are ALL doing this. It's not our fault - it's our conditioning, now it's time to evolve.

The intention is to create transformation for the world and yourself through taking full responsibility & control of the steering wheel.  Allowing your soul & higher consciousness to guide you to more empowered or neutral thoughts & feelings as situations arise in your day to day life through raising your level of consciousness.

This is cause & effect/ reaping what you sow/ karma. Being conscious, a deliberate co-creator & practising presence is the process we refer to as awakening. (The purpose of "The Lighthouse")

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Use this exercise daily to clean your energy field and also when you find yourself in judgement or in reaction to someone or something in life. Forgiving yourself for the part you have played in it's manifestation (whether you are able to see that clearly or not) is the first step. Life will do the rest or your soul will guide you to the next best step/ self enquiry.


It's a simple process:
"I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you"


Your thoughts are the seeds you are planting consciously or unconsciously with regards to creating your desired or undesired future. You're planting every second of each waking moment whether you know it or not. Wouldn't you prefer to choose to harvest fruits rather than weeds?

Often, when we don't like something being played out on the screen of life we get pulled into many different egoic reactions towards it. These may include blaming, judging, manipulating, lying, controlling, fixing, shouting, gossiping, denying, suppressing, ignoring, resisting, running from, self sabotaging, masking, fantasising etc etc...

These simply work as negative forces keeping the truth of our power away from us so it's important to learn to master these forces through meditation & self development principles that can be applied easily & effortlessly to daily life, opening the space for greater presence & thus new empowered choices to take root rather than conditioned behaviours & old programming within the hard drive continually taking us over.


The practise of Ho'oponopono teaches us a basic spiritual principle:
Never fight life - accept what is. 


We can only master this when we're open & willing to change the projector rather than what's on the screen. I totally get it's not easy NOT to react to the outside world when you're triggered personally, impacted collectively or see the cruelty humans & animals face on a daily basis at the hands of humans.

However, we need to consciously start applying the universal & spiritual laws that govern the Earth plane if we wish to create powerful change & transformation. The Earth needs you right now to help elevate the consciousness of the planet so that it can continue to renew & sustain life.


You have no power in trying to change what has already shown up, but you do have unlimited potential to influence it's future destiny. 


Everything is energy, even your thoughts so I urge you to take more responsibility for the thoughts you're sending out to the world, me, yourself & all sentient beings right now.

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