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A Beginner's Introduction To Spirit Guides


Since I was very young, I was conscious of other realities, however, the reality of spirit guides as powerful mentors didn’t wake me up until they came banging my door down in my late twenties, just when I thought I had put my past behind me.

My connection with spirit started as a child, a cloud of light hovering above me comforting me in times of trauma. This lead to awakening intuitive gifts of telepathy, channeling, automatic writing, all guiding me through adult life lessons as well as personal, ancestral & collective healing - unlocking my soul gifts & life purpose.

I have always been subtly aware of more than what meets the eye & the presence of spirit around me. My connection with my spirit guides grew more and more as I encountered greater & greater challenges in life and learned to surrender my life to a greater Source than my own mind & ego.

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It’s as if these challenges were, in fact, forcing me into remembering who I really am and making it a more conscious habit to ask for support from the Universe, as it really wanted to help in bigger & better ways than what I felt I was worthy of allowing & receiving.

In the darkest hours of my life, I would turn to that connection for counseling, wisdom, love, intimacy & comfort. Through particularly painful and traumatic times in my childhood, my spirit guides showed me I was never alone and gave me a higher perspective to what my limited human self could see.

I could call upon them anytime & feel connected again which to me feels like the most beautiful & natural homecoming that allows my soul to rest safely in my body & heart without fear & the ego-mind booting it out.


One particularly painful day as a young teenage girl, I ran from my home with a terribly wounded heart to find solace in a local park. I found myself collapsed against a tree crying into its core. I wept & wept and had no idea where to go from here. All I knew was I couldn’t go back home. My mind, body & spirit were so battered, exhausted & drained I didn’t want to keep going.

I remember closing my eyes, my back nestled into the root of the tree which supported me perfectly. I could feel the love of the tree wrapping around me which encouraged me to release & purge my tears. I cried & cried until I heard the voice of my guide, “Dove, you need to go back”



As I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by a swarm of magpies - there must have been 15 - 20 magpies! I was amazed as previously my spirit guide would reveal himself through the image of a magpie - but 15-20!! I felt the power, force & energy around them and the flow of love they flowed into my mind, heart, body & soul.


I was grateful to see them and somehow I knew I knew them - they were showing up as members of my soul family wanting to remind me of just how much I was loved. I relaxed in their company & then again I heard my master Magpie guide:

“Dove, It’s time to go home, you’re needed there.”


I resisted & told my guide I couldn’t do this.

It was too unbearable for me and I was really scared. I felt his comfort and again he said, “Dove, you are needed there”, “Be brave, go home - she needs you”

Eventually, I began to call on that guidance every day as a regular practice & friends and family would laugh at my very odd, quirky yet obvious relationship & connection with magpie guides. 

Their presence has become a companion and a guidance system that has led me, supported me, and given me clarity and direction when I couldn’t find it on my own. We all have spirit guides and they come in many different forms & ways in which we can feel safe to allow them in.

We all have our own master spirit guide. We have many guides in fact, that are ancestors and deceased family members supporting us on our journey. 


Your guides are so wise, loving & supportive and taking the time to connect with them and invite them in allows you to navigate through life with much more trust, safety & ease. Keep an open mind as the mind is the biggest block to connection! The mind thrives off separation, fear & dis-connection.

If you open your heart & mind, are willing to connect with your spirit guides, the workbook below contains 5 simple steps that will help you step more fully into the true you - an embodiment of love, joy & light - expanded consciousness & open awareness.


Their job is to help you open your channels to receiving more love, offering guidance, insights & solutions to expand your level of thinking to align with a higher consciousness. In short to help support you where you are making choices out of fear and inspiring you to move towards healthier choices rooted in love & trust.


I love the introductory ritual below which will guide you through a process you can use as often as you like to explore the above as well as take steps to connect in other ways including automatic writing, channeling messages & visualisation


new Years Ritual - 2020



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