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The Power Of A Judgment Detox

Who judges? Hands up...

We ALL do right? You're not alone on this one.
Whether we do it consciously or unconsciously it happens.

Unfortunately, judgements are toxic little weeds creating blocks to our soul's true desire for more health, wealth, energy, abundance, connection, love, intimacy, trust, joy, peace, fulfilment & success in life, health, relationships & business.

It's important for us all to be able to catch our judgements and transform them to positive conscious actions if we want to create true fulfilment, joy & success in all areas of our life.

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The Fourth Wind

Judgements always create separation...a "them" & "me" mentality. Any separation from our true self inevitably leads to some pain or suffering, loneliness or dis-connection from the abundant nature of the universe.

Abundance in all areas of your life is your birthright & there really is huge liberation in owning your judgements & returning to the Source which is all encompassing.


I've created a workbook & video for you BELOW to inspire you to courageously face these judgements head on & transform them back to love.

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